Do you Want Children to be Ready to Face a Green Future

Now that the pandemic has taken its toll

And everything seems to be out of control

The children can still look forward to a future that is bright

When we build environmental protection in a way that is right

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Making a plan for a green future is the best thing adults can do

Now that climate change is causing more natural disasters, we don’t want the children to be blue

We should encourage them to learn eco-friendly tips and start protecting the planet

When they do this, they won’t be so worried and upset

When we build environmental protection awareness in a new way

Children will look forward to seeing a brighter day

They will be ready to develop economies in a way that is sustainable

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Support the book series that will tell the children about recycling, reusing and reducing

They will be quite excited when they learn more about tree planting

So get them on the right track so they won’t make the same mistakes we made

Let us change the way we prepare for the future, don’t leave them with a debt that we should have paid

Natures Beauty cannot be Repurchased For a Price After it has been Destroyed

Before you destroy natures beauty, think twice

It cannot be repurchased at any price

Keep Earth beautiful at all times

The destruction of the planet should be seen as a crime

The innocent children that are being born each day

Deserve to be given a chance to live in a great way

A beautiful earth is what they should inherit

But now we have adults who are destroying it

When we think of having a bright future we are planning to do something great

When we protect the environment and have clean air and water we will celebrate

The children won’t need to worry about what their future will be like

And their will be no need for picketing on the streets, there’ll be no climate strike

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People Become Very Creative When they Recycle

Cycle Recycle takes old bikes and refurbish them

As they do their part in removing the pollution problem

Less bikes are being sent to landfills when they are old

And less bikes are being bought and sold

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There are so many ways for us to start green businesses

When we go green and decide to keep our promises

Environmental protection is so much more than talk these days

Green businesses are now helping us to live in much better ways

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An individual who wants to ride a bike more, has a place where they can fix the old one

The ability to recycle, can help us to make such great decisions

If we could have more businesses like this one out there

We would’nt need to think about the need for environmental care

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So let us raise children who will want to go green and become creative

In the future they will find many great ways to live

Now that adults can easily tell them about awesome ecofriendly tips

They are in e-books that are available on Amazon, no need for a shipping

Let us look forward to seeing far less picketing and climate strikes in the future

Now that building environmental protection awareness is a brand new adventure

It is so easy for adults to give children the information they need right now

They can be prepared to have the future they deserve, somehow

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Green Jobs and the Bright Future

Financial recovery after Covid-19 will require a change in what we do

Since technology has changed the way we work, we need to make some changes too

We should be wiling to learn all about going green as we get prepared to eliminate the environmental problems we see

It is good for us to reduce the pollution problem and try to protect the creatures in the sea

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Having a career in the environment can cause you to spend your days in a very productive way

Get ready to face a green future, life will be very interesting each day

The many green jobs that are increasing as the days go by

So if you lost your job, you don’t need to sigh

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Companies are are finding new ways to save money and the environment

And the salaries they pay to the people employed to do green jobs have become quite decent

It is good that more managers have started to value the things that will prolong the life of their businesses

Eventually we might see less natural disasters and people will have a lot less stress

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Why it is Good to Build Environmental Protection Awareness

If we don’t build environmental protection awareness in a new and better way

What will happen to the children when they grow up, what will they say?

When the air is too toxic and beaches are full of plastic

Will they ever be able to say life is so fantastic?

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It is easy to take the environment for granted and believe our waste will disappear

When we don’t realise that it will be burned and it will pollute the air

So easy to believe we can live in a great way when we destroy ecosystems

Not knowing that after a while we will have many problems

You see our Mangroves protects the land from sea surges when the weather is bad

We should not be covering them with buildings, after a while we will be sad

When we pollute mangroves with our plastic the baby fish have no where to grow

Will we have enough fish to feed the population tomorrow?

And deforestation destroys more than just trees

We can think of planting more crops, but we still need the bees

Environmental protection is more very important

When we are asked to do more for the environment we shouldn’t say we can’t

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If we could try to build environmental protection awareness each day

We would be living in a much better way

Our air and water would be clean

When more people decide to go green

Building environmental protection is easy now

Adults can easily tell the children how

To plant trees, reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste

We can’t afford to act in the same way and allow Earth to get warmer, change is needed we should make haste

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Only Climate Action can help after Irreversible Damage Was Done to Earth by Humans

New reports have stated that irreversible damage was done to earth

By the people who don’t appreciate nature, they don’t care about its worth

Making money and producing more so that more can be earned

Is it that many have blocked vision, and important lessons are not being learned?

How many more wild fires can this earth take?

How many more times will we say oops someone made another mistake?

After we have destroyed so many of our trees and animals

If we were doing more to reduce Global warming the damage we cause would be minimal

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Children are calling out to adults to protect the planet more

They really want to have a future that is secure

Let us do more to lead them in the right direction

It is time for us to do some quiet introspection

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Children should be told about climate solutions

So they can begin making their own contributions

To the reducing of greenhouse gas emissions

They will also want to see a reduction in pollution

Don’t leave them in a world that will cause their poor little hearts to break

Let us try not to make that terrible mistake

We can do a lot with the solutions given by scientists

We can put the zero waste plan far up on our things-to-do list

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There is a free e-book sample here

Climate Solutions + Climate Action= Satisfaction

We can build environmental protection awareness in a new and better way

By talking about climate solutions more and more each day

We have seen the problems, they confront us as they get worse

They are telling us that we need to change course

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Climate solutions can be used to get rid of doubt

We should not be sitting here waiting for the next drought

When we can start implementing the zero waste plans all by ourselves

We can reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and refuse to buy the things we see on shelves

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Climate solutions have given us great options

When we use them as we make great contributions

We can encourage everyone we meet to join us too

After a while we will have an experience that is brand new

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Climate solutions added to climate action can change our expectations

We should use them and start looking forward to a better situation

Thinking about a future filled with disasters everywhere is not a great thing to do

Let us apply climate solutions and tell the children how they can use them too

They have a right to know how to make their future bright

Now that it is easy for you to tell them, you can simply do what is right

There are e-books about reusing, reducing, recycling and tree planting they can read

These are the books that will prepare them for a bright future, these are books they need

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Ecosia and Tree Planting

Ecosia has made it easy for us to plant trees

Now you can easily provide homes for the birds and the bees

This is a great way to change lives in many places

Trees can put smiles on many faces

When they produce delicious fruits for us to eat

Our immune system gets boosted and the fruits are sweet

I am so glad they came up with this great plan

Now more people can believe that they can

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Yes, we can plant trees

We are doing something good for not just the bees

We also contribute to having clean air

As Ecosia plans to plant more trees almost everywhere

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Let’s try to make Ecosia as big as Google so more of the Global Co2 emmissions can be absorbed faster

We can do our part to stop climate change, even though time is the master

We need to use the time we have in the best way we can

It is very good that Ecosia made this great plan

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Tell everyone you know about Ecosia, we can get more trees planted when each person contributes to one

1Kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere with every Ecosia search that is done

If we use that search engine more, one day the Global warming crisis will be gone

You can start planting trees everywhere

Show Mother Earth how much you care

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Can Simplified Climate Solution help Children to Take care of the Environment in a Better Way?

Would you like to tell the children about the climate solutions so they can help to reduce pollution?

There is a need for climate action and if we won’t change what we are doing, we won’t be see any change that will lead to satisfaction

Children can develop the right eco-habits and start going green

They can help to keep the environment clean

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But if they are allowed to grow up with all the bad habits the adults have on display

Will they ever understand why they should treat the environment in a better way?

Children deserve to inherit a planet that is beautiful

There are some adults who have decided to say things that are truthful

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They have even decided to implement the zero waste plan and work towards eliminating landfills

They truly want the children to experience the thrills

When they go swimming in clear blue waters out there

They will be glad that parents knew about the importance of environmental care

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And now that Climate solutions have been simplified in e-books that easily found here

And it is easy for parents and all adults to tell them all they need to know about environmental care

Don’t allow another child to be worried when they see the pollution problem each day

Now that you can help them to send it away


There are special ebooks here for them …

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Poor Management of the Eco-System Leads to So Much Distress

If we want to see less pollution in the future we need to change the way we teach our children about environmental care

And tell them what is happening when some people don’t care and their mismanagement cause us to have problems with our rivers, our soil and our air

If the children are not equipped now, how will they have a future that is bright

How will they avoid the bad habits they have seen and stay away from having a plight?

There are businesses out there, that use so much water and leave none for others, because they know poor people can’t afford to fight them in the courts when they need to

So they keep on polluting the environment and cause people to die when they should be helping them to make it through

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If we should educate the children about the need for environmental care we can have hope

If we don’t, we will be like those who are wondering how they will cope

It is clear that these manufacturers don’t care about anything else apart from the money they earn

They cause people to suffer and they don’t believe that one day the tables could turn

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We need to start raising children that are willing to protect the earth and work towards having a clean healthy environment

We should stop buying from the manufacturers who won’t keep on doing what is decent

In the world we are living in now, some suffer while others earn more and more each day

This won’t change if we won’t build environmental protection in a new and better way
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There is a lot more we can do to help the poor

When we protect the environment more

Life will keep on getting better every day

When we treat the environment in a great way

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