Who Knows If we have Enough Oil to Power Economies for a Long Time?

The remaining reserves of oil, have become a debate among the experts these days?

More technology needs more energy and it is best for us to find renewable sources in new ways

There is so much of what we do that depends on our need for energy

If we don’t invest more time and money in clean energy, Life could become a tragedy

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Our dependence on oil has grown over the years

And there has been less emphasis placed on the need for environmental care

Who thinks about restoring the places that is damaged when oil spills cause terrible destruction

Is anyone willing to start following some new instructions

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We could be making and restoring more solar panels in more places

Creating more jobs and causing more smiles to be on faces

We could also find more sources for clean energy now

If we are truly planning to survive in the future somehow

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We also need to restore the places where the spills happened completely

We need to be prepared to face a brand new reality

We might need to go back to life as it was in the past

If we can’t find enough renewable sources of energy that will last

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For all these reasons and more

We need to tell the children how they can have a future that is secure

Consumers Have the Power to fix the Pollution Problems we See

When consumers stop supporting the manufacturers when they destroy the environment

Because we know how important it is for them to make a commitment

There will be far less pollution out there

Business people will start thinking about environmental care

The industrial revolution caused the big change in the way we shop

Extraction, production, consumption and disposal, this cycle can stop

We can stop following trends and repair the old things we bought before

We could all decide that it is time for us to think about having a future that is secure

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We should be thinking about the life children will live if the hurricanes keep on getting more intense

We could also think about what our future will be like if nothing gets better and do more to reduce our expense

The system that cause so many people to buy things they don’t need

Has controlled minds for so long, when it should never be allowed to succeed

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Clothes don’t really need to go out of fashion each year

And more people can be told about the need for environmental care

More small businesses that would have less impact on the environment could thrive

If big companies would reduce the amount of goods they produce and allow them to survive

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The industrial revolution and increased production has ruined a number of lives

There are many poor people out there now who find it hard to survive

As the jobs have dwindled over the year as technology changed the way things are produced

The need for workers have been drastically reduced

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Consumers have the power so let us show the manufacturers that we can change what we do

We can find new ways to live, and we will make it through

Consumers Failing to be a part of the Circular Economy

When consumers are not aware of the need for environmental care

They don’t believe it is important for them to have clean water and air

They don’t know that the world’s resources might be depleted one day

And they won’t be able to keep on buying products in the same old way


Old electronics are piling up in many places around the world now

We need to build environmental protection awareness somehow

Approximately 20% of the electronic waste is being recycled these days

It would be good if more people would be willing to treat the environment in great ways

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We can create more green jobs for each other and economies can recover

After the virus caused so much devastation on the planet

A plan to create jobs in a new way won’t leave us with regret

And if we should repair and reuse more of the things we discard

Life for more poor people on the earth would not be as hard

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It makes no sense for us to wait until the resources are depleted to recycle more

When we can protect the environment now and have a future that is secure

And we should guide the children so they will start planning for a bright future

Now that there are eco-kids who want to have great adventures


Climate Change Causes So Much Devastation

Life can go from being great to becoming something you almost hate

When wild fires leave you in a burnt out home and no reason to celebrate

The difficulties caused by climate change can be easily ignored by some

Will they be willing to look at climate refugees and say welcome

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After a person spend their whole life investing in their property and family and then get displaced

Only love and empathy shown by others will help us to survive and see the survival of the human race

However, if some folks don’t know about climate change because it has not affected them as yet

They might not think it is important for them to help others, they might just get upset

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And there are people who won’t wait for disaster to knock at their doors

They are doing all they can to make the future of everyone on the planet secure

They are repairing, reducing, recycling and reducing each day

They are determined to send the climate crisis away

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They can tell you what going green is all about

If you say there is no climate change, they will remove your doubt

Since we can all work together to make the world into a better place

There should be no one who continues to destroy the planet, that’s a disgrace

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We should be trying to allow children to have a future that is bright

They will be motivated when they know how to treat the environment just right

So support the eco-friendly project that is here

Children will quickly learn a lot about environmental care

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Using Shampoo Bars- A Great Way to Reduce Plastic use

The zero waste plan has been helping people to pollute the planet less

When there is less pollution we will also have less stress

There will be less flooding when drains are clear

There are so many benefits attached to environmental care

Using a Shampoo bar is a great new way to reduce plastic use

This is one more way to protect the environment, this is good news

When we look out for more ways to pollute less

After a while we will have less stress

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When there is less plastic to burn and we have clean air

We will reap the benefits from using ecofriendly tips and paying

attention to environmental care

It is not that hard to change a few of the things we use each day

As we work towards sending the plastic pollution problem away

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Our children can help us to clean up the environment when they become aware

That is why we should tell them more about environmental care

We will be getting ready to face a green future

And our children will be having a great adventure

The Climate Crisis and Its Cost Should be Properly Evaluated

Climate driven economic disasters will become more frequent as time goes by if more is not done to reduce carbon emissions

We need to encourage more people to forget about talking and change their actions

We all need to use more electric cars and do our part to sustain life on the planet

It is time for us to say, we have got to live in a different way so we won’t have regret

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It makes no sense for the rich to say the poor will suffer while they continue the destruction

Are we not all humans who should be living with the same set of instructions

We all live on the same planet, we call it Mother Earth

It is time for us to analyze what we have and protect the thing that has the greatest worth

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Money has no use to the people who destroy others to get it and then die in the end

It makes the rich feel happy for a while because they are able to follow every trend

However, the earth has the real treasures that will sustain life for us all

The rich should never want to allow the poor to just continue sinking when they can help them to stand tall

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If we could simply try to protect each other, the earth’s resources would be managed in a better way

There would be no hunger, as sharing and caring would cause us to see a brighter day

So let us tell the children how they can trample bad habits under their feet

If they don’t know about the solutions they can use, in the future they will be accepting defeat

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Children worry about the Future and they Want to save the Earth

Some children are so aware of the need for environmental care

And the information they need, that will help them to treat the environment correctly is right here

When they start implementing solutions as they make excellent contributions

We will no longer see deforestation, the climate crisis and plastic pollution

Photo by Andy Kuzma on Pexels.com

So help the children to have a green future today

Now that you know that they can treat the environment in a better way

A green future will be a bright one for us all

It is good for us to answer the environmentalists call

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Manufacturers would stop polluting our rivers and streams

Our children would be allowed to have hopes and dreams

Pollution problems would disappear so very fast

Even the climate crisis would become a thing of the past

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So help the children to restore earth’s beauty somehow

You can do a lot if you begin right now

We should not be causing people to become climate refugees

Gold is not as valuable as the bees and the trees


The Truth About Clean Energy

Using clean energy is not only cheap it is better for the environment

Wouldn’t it be nice if the producers of fossil fuel would help us to make a commitment

After making billions of dollars over the years, they could start helping us to make the future bright

If they could simply wake up and see the light

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The earth is showing us that we need to change what we are doing now

We need to find ways to stop burning fossil fuels somehow

Since solar panels are getting cheaper and things seem to be going in the right direction

It is time for the people on the planet to be encouraged to make better decisions

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Time for the fossil fuel production to cease

And the green energy use to increase

We would be moving quickly towards having normal climate

Finally we would be able to say we are working together and we are doing great

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It is time for us to think about the kind of future we want children to have

We need to make important changes, we’ve got to be brave

We should change our cars and use the new electric ones

We will be doing a lot for our children when we make these decisions


We all would like to see less hurricanes. wildfires and droughts

So let us find a great way to work things out

We can all work towards having a better future

Going green and using eco-friendly tips helps us to have an adventure

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Computer Recycling is Becoming More Important Each Day

More individuals are becoming online workers recently

And the sale of computers have increased exponentially

When we are building environmental protection awareness in a new way

We will tell children how they can help to reduce pollution and look forward to seeing a brighter day

They will be ready to learn how to start thinking more about recycling in the future

When they start believing that using eco-friendly tips can help them to have an adventure

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There are many more electronic devices in our homes and offices these days

And we have not seen much companies that recycle them in many different ways

When they break down they are not repaired and used again

They are simply sent to landfills to be burned, this increase greenhouse gas emission that leads to more natural disasters, stress and pain

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We should talk to our children now about what the future will be like if Global warming continues

Don’t let them face hurricanes, flooding, heat waves and other disasters that are worse than they are now, they’ll hear only bad news

If they nothing about the climate solution that are being sent out by scientists today

How will they make great plans to turn things around and live in a great way?

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However, when we prepare our children to face a green future and they know how to go green

They will know about the solutions for the problems, they won’t be creating a scene

They won’t be wondering what to do as they will be working on solutions before

Preparing children to face the life in the future in the midst of these disasters, is something we must do, so their life can be secure

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If we continue making new computers and other electronic devices for many years

And don’t tell children anything about the need for environmental care

We would cause them to be getting ready to live in frustration

When it is so easy for us to tell them how to avoid problems by fixing the bad situation


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Recycling more Will help to Make our Future Secure

When we recycle more

We can look forward to a future that is secure

Recycling can lead to more job creation

And help the people who are now in a bad situation

The poor would be delivering more things to recycling centres each day

There is one more thing manufacturers can do to chase poverty away

There are so many things we can recycle when we are creative

We will always be trying to find ways to help others to live

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More recycling can fix the pollution problem

We could search for the business places that are doing recycling and support them

There are many parts in our old cell phones and other old electronics that they can use

We reduce pollution when we reduce, recycle, repair and reuse

Let us recycle more and keep mother earth clean

We can protect the planet in better ways when we go green

And when we tell the children about our great plans for the future

They will want to join us so they can go on a green adventure

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Who knows when new products will cost less when we recycle more

When we recycle we do much more than just helping the poor

Life on earth will be much better when we send less waste to landfills

We might reduce the cost of products and we might even reduce our bills

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