Eco- Kids Summer Fun Has Begun

Colouring Competition for Children

Children are now having more fun this Summer, while they learn about the sea creatures they can protect. They are making the connection between green living and environmental protection. They are becoming more creative as they color pages, use plastic waste to make toys and other items. Giving many gifts to friends and loved ones after they read the books that are available for the eco-kids book project website. These eco-friendly childrens books encourage children to do art and craft with used plastic. Decreasing plastic pollution has become a fun green activity. I am sure you will want all the children you know to get involved too.

The Eco-Kid’s Colouring Competition

Children got their colouring pages for the eco-kids colouring competition. They will be winning the awesome e-books about environmental solutions and green activities. They can spend their Summer holidays planting seeds and trees, making toys and doing more with plastic waste as they keep the environment clean. The coloring competition for children will help them to learn about the Turtles, Seals, Squids, Puffer Fish, Dolphins and Sea Creatures. They will know why plastic pollution is harmful, as they get ready to go green. I’m sure you will want to see the Green Future and enjoy the great benefits.

colouring competition

The Circular Economy and the Future

Governments will be using the circular economic model more often. Citizens who are becoming more aware of the need for environmental care are going green. Helping children to learn about helpful eco-friendly tips, is a good step in the right direction. Improper waste management has been causing soil pollution and many other problems across the Globe. We simply can’t afford to allow this to continue.

Getting children involved in the change as we plan for the future in the best way, is the most important action we can take. As you noticed, the instructions for the competition is explained in the You Tube video. You can simply leave a comment at the end of this post to receive the colouring pages for all the children you know. We can begin building environmental protection awareness in this new and better way. Environmental education for children is needed and adding fun to green activities is a great idea children will like.

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