Moving Away from Environmental Degradation

Environmental restoration will be the goal of more of the youth when they understand the importance of a healthy Environment. Without environmental restoration it will be easy for degradation to continue. This will cause increased food insecurity and pollution, which is bad for the human race. When environmental education for children becomes a part of the curiculum of more schools. Children will understand the need for environmental care. They will be ready to fix the problems they see when it is their time to be in charge.

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Solutions for Environmental Degradation

When children are not exposed to environmental education they will grow up and cause more environmental degradation. We have seen how people pollute the soil with many toxic chemicals as they try to increase their income. They continue using Fossil Fuels even though the climate change problem is clearly getting worse. People and leaders refuse to believe what the scientists say. Enough effort is not being made by Governments or corporations to use solutions to decrease pollution. When people see that leaders don’t care, they believe they should continue polluting.

Climate Change Affects us All

The effects of Climate change is no longer felt only in places in Africa and India. The heat waves and wild fires are in Hawaii and other places in the Caribbean. These places had none of these problems before. The droughts and the war in Ukraine are causing a reduction in the amount of food farmers are reaping. Greenliving is becoming our greatest option now. As the supply of food decreases our survival could depend on what we can plant for ourselves. We should be protecting the soil even more, as poor soil quality will affect our food.


This August was the hottest one for a very long time and we should be doing all we can to have an impact on climate change. If we continue to believe it is not important for us to do our part, the terrible heat waves, droughts and wild fires will get worse. Teaching children about going green and trying to become the change we need to see is best. Funwritings has made it easy for everyone to get involved the the process for change.

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