More E-waste Recycling Needed

The recycling of ewaste is becoming more important each day. There is need for Government intervention, since manufacturers don’t seem to care. It is easy for new devices to be made so people find the need to upgrade. The manufacturers get to increase their profits while they destroy the environment.

The mercury, lead, chromium, arsenic and other toxic substances that are used to make these devices, pollute the soil. Added to that the plastic casing takes a long time to break become a part of the soil. We need to build awareness about this issue. Polluted soil means polluted food and water, we don’t want more of that.

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More E-waste Recycling

The National Solid Waste Management Authority in Jamaica collects e-waste. This makes it easier for recycling to be done, as the mixture of e-waste with other waste would make it harder for processing to be done. It is best E-waste is separated before the recycling process begins. Plastic, metal Gold, Silver, glass and aluminum are being used to make new products. There is a need for more people to get involved with the recycling with e-waste. Companies and homeowners should find the places where e-waste is being collected. E-waste recycling is important.

Why E-waste Recycling is Needed

The hazardous substances mentioned above are harmful to human health and the environment. Children are affected most, their lung function might change. There can be increased cases of cancer and other chronic diseases seen in society due to e-waste pollution. There is a possibility for the toxic materials to be reprocessed. The copper and other materials taken from under the earth could be running low. Recycling will help, more new devices are needed as the use of technology grows. They need to be produced even after the source for the materials is depleted.

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