Microplastics in Mother’s Milk Could Cause a Shift?

Now that babies could be exposed to chemical contaminants after they are fed by their Mothers. It is time for leaders and voters to do more to decrease plastic pollution. Scientists are concerned after they discovered microplastic in the breast milk samples taken from more than 30 mothers in Italy. They were thinking about the impact plastic has on marine animals and wildlife. Now they are thinking how it is possible that these babies will be impacted in many ways by toxic milk. Much more should have been done to decrease plastic pollution long ago. The oil producing companies are rich enough to spend on more recycling facilities.

Plastic Pollution Solutions

More people would be taking plastic waste to these centers so they can earn. There would be decreased pollution and hunger. A lot more products would be made from recycled plastic and we would see reduced price. Less need for the oil that is taken out of the ground to pollute oceans when spills occurs. Leaders can do more for the people who they depend on to vote for them in elections. More should be done to protect our babies, as they are the future.

plastic pollution in the ocean

Environmental protection awareness

If the increase of pollution continues, we could get to a stage where fish cannot be eaten. This would be bad for our nutrition and health. However, more could be done to build environmental protection awareness. This would cause more people to be aware of the pollution issues and the solutions. We could see a reduction in littering and increased recycling, reducing and reusing.

Eco-kids Book Project

Fun writings has an eco-kids book project that is building environmental protection awareness in a new way. Giving children simplified environmental solutions for the issues has made it easier for them to become aware. Gone are the days when children would grow up and simply do what they see their parents doing. They don’t always have parents who are doing their part in keeping the environment clean. Having special eco-friendly books for children makes it possible for children to become the change they need to see.

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