Local Guide Program for Green Living Can Help

Having a Local Guide Program for green living could help. In communities where people are in whattsapp groups eco-friendly tips could be shared. Neighbours can encourage each other to keep on doing green activities. They could also work on a point system and reward the people who are doing best. This will cause more people to be motivated to embrace the green lifestyle. The plan to go green is not successful in many places and a local guide program could help. There can be a few individuals who could check to see if rules are kept.

plastic bottle collection
plastic bottle recycling

How we benefit from Local Guide Programs

We could see an increase in the number of plastic bottles collected for recycling. People would be motivated to keep the environment clean since they would be working together. There will be more waste separation and composting. Gardening and tree planting could cause us to see an increase in the number of fruit trees in communities. Composting will cause more organic gardening and healthy eating.

Kids will be more Interested in Joining Eco-Kids Clubs

Children who live in the community will find it easier to form eco clubs. They will easily develop green habits and pass on eco-friendly tips to their friends.

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