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We can tell more people about the need for environmental care now that there is a deal. You get so much in return when you help children to learn. Now that the heat waves are becoming more frequent and hotter. The need for a change in the way we manage waste is more unimportant. As we set good examples for the next generation. If the warming of the Earth continues, it will get too warm to sustain life. Which other creature on the planet destroy’s their own home?

Increased Use of Environmental Solutions .

It would be good if all environmental solutions could be used by everyone. Having some that can only be done by the rich scientists leaving the poor to wait and see if they work is bad. The plastic pollution problem is growing way too fast. 300 million tons of plastic waste is discarded each year and most of it is single use. Much more recycling and Green job creation can be done.

When we try to reuse, reduce, recycle and rethink our waste management more often. Our actions will cause us to see reduced plastic pollution. The micro plastic problem in the oceans and seas gets worse each day. As not enough individuals are aware of the problem and how it affects them as yet.

plastic pollution in the ocean

Environmental Care a Popular Topic

Funwritings is promoting green activities with the eco-kids book project. It will cause environmental care, to become a popular topic eventually. Since more children will grow up with knowledge of all the environmental solutions. A number of individuals have decided to support the initiative. They left 459 reviews on the fiverr page after they ordered the online writing services. If we continue adding to the number of environmental protection books for children. We will keep on promoting them and more children will grow up with a plan to live in a healthy environment.

Environmental protection awareness for Children

For too long we have been polluting the environment and not thinking about it enough. This happened because environmental education was not taught to children in the past. We grew up thinking pollution was not a problem. Now we should be implementing the zero waste plan everywhere. As we create more green jobs and clean up our planet.


This Funwritings eco-kids book project will give the children hope. Currently the plans to reduce plastic pollution have not gotten enough attention. However, this project is being advertised and it is growing in a sustainable way. It is supported by the people who want to see a bright future for themselves and the children.

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