Is Carbon Capture the Best Plan?

Since Prof Sir Bob Watson revealed that the world was trying to prevent the rise in temperature and the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions were not happening fast enough. Wouldn’t it be good for a new strategy to be developed? One that includes fruit tree planting ? Since Covid-19 might be on the rise again in some places, we should be building our immune systems with more natural orange juice etc.

I find myself wondering why we are not paying attention to the big issue. It shouldn’t be hard for us to reduce greenhouse gases and even be on a pathway that would cause us to be close to 1.5C or 2C. We could reduce current emissions by at least 50% by 2030. We are in trouble because the green house gas emissions are still going up, they are not going down.

Carbon Capture or Tree Planting

Does Carbon capture need to be done with all this technology and equipment? If we are not getting the desired results from technology will the scientists decide to try another way? I believe we don’t have time for too many experiments. We know what trees do and food insecurity is growing with the Global warming issue. This makes it more important for our climate solutions to be more efficient. More people would feel empowered if the knew how important tree plating is.

We know more energy is needed to power the extra numbers of laptops, computers, cell phones etc. Since everyone is being encouraged to use technology for more transactions in the 21st century. However, the unemployment rate is increasing and most people who are jobless are not able to plant trees because they have no land. They are depending on Governments to provide everything for them. Will the authorities be able to continue with welfare systems without increasing their debt to dangerous levels.

green future
green future

A Gradual Shift to Green Living is Important

If a gradual shift to green living was implemented long ago there would be less environmental issues and less unemployment in these times. Too many people were encouraged to leave rural areas because they were believing the great opportunities could only be found in cities. Governments should have done more to make the rural areas more prosperous. In rural areas, farming should be set up in a better way, so it would be more lucrative long ago.

Climate Solutions

Since Deforestation caused so much problems in the past. It would be good if the authorities would craft more laws to force people who cut down trees to replant. The buildings we might see in the future could look like the one above. Combining plants with buildings since we see more rainfall in areas where there are many trees. Changing the way we build environmental protection awareness is a solution that will cause all other solutions to work best. As children will be taught about environmental solutions in simple ways and they will become adults who will protect the planet.

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