How I Found Out That Children Needed Environmental Books

I found out that Children would be fascinated with books with the environmental protection message in them, when my neighbour wanted someone to help her grandsons to do their homework after school, approximately 14 years ago. I was faced with the task to teach the 2 little boys, who were very active and they were not interested in books. I knew I wanted to assist in all the ways I could, but I didn’t know what to do as I am not a teacher, I was trained as a children’s writer. Being a mother of a teenager was hopefully my other qualification. I knew how hard it was to keep little boys in one place long enough, for them to learn.

active boys
Happy boys

The boys, Dane and Damion were aged 7 and 9-years-old and they loved the great outdoors. They were always trying to catch birds, play games, play with insects and do everything they could find to do, but they were not interested in doing their homework. I had to find a way to mix both homework and outdoor activities, by having children’s books about environmental issues.

I didn’t want to give up without trying everything I could, and this caused me to put together a teaching plan that they would find interesting. I borrowed children’s books with stories about worms, regular fairy tales and other simple children’s stories about talking animals and more for them, at a library. I also taught them how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet and how to add with coins.

Even though I was always competing with the things they did outside for a little of their time, it wasn’t long before they wanted to play. When I gave them permission to do that, they were no longer interested in hearing my stories. This caused me to think of borrowing other story books with practical ideas such as environmental protection in them. I wanted books about the things the boys would be curious about. I went in search of books with stories about gardening, adventures and environmental protection. The library had none and I had to get those books for them somehow, so I decided to do research and write stories for the boys myself.

I wanted them to learn all they could about the things they liked; but I had to send these books to a publisher, got illustrations done, then take them to the Ministry of Education for approval, before I read them for the boys.

Children can Plan to Protect Mother Earth

The books I wrote told stories about the things children did after they made a plan to protect Mother Earth. There were children’s books about sustainability, children’s books about environmental protection awareness, Children’s books about reusing, reducing and recycling plastic, children’s books about tree planting, protecting the Mangroves and other interesting topics. Some of the books are waiting to be published. After the process of getting the approval and everything else that was necessary for the first 2 books was done, the boys were no longer learning with me, they were in High School, but I still wanted to help other children who were just like them.

Children’s Need for Environmental Education

If there is no environmental Education there will be no climate action, reduced plastic pollution and great solutions for our other environmental issues. We can change the way we build environmental protection awareness and begin educating our children in a new way, as we make it possible to plan for a bright future.

My very active students eventually became fascinated with the books written about the great outdoors and the things they could do when they were enjoying the things they would normally do, that I would read for them. They liked talking and reading about the things they saw around them each day and when they started seeing higher grades in school, and their teachers were praising them. They were happy about their success, and this motivated them. They were reading and spelling, getting better grades and spending less time playing outside.

I told them how they would benefit from learning and how they would get good jobs or develop their own businesses when they grew up. I also told them how happy they would be when they passed their exams and made their parents proud.

Eco-Kids Book Project

Time spent with the boys became far less stressful after they started getting better grades and whenever they forgot about all the progress we had made, I simply reminded them about our goals. The eco-kids book project continued growing and the books are now available online.

I wrote children’s books about the beautiful beaches, parks, rivers and more of Mother Nature’s awesome offerings. I also wrote stories about reusing plastic to make toys, recycling and protecting the Turtles, tree planting, reducing plastic use and many other topics.

The boys and I motivated each other and we kept on learning and achieving together. I told them about great possibilities and how they could plan to have great lives in the future. We continued life on our new path until they passed their exams and no longer needed my help.

The eco-kids book project we started is still growing, even though I have not seen the boys for the past 14 years. Other children are getting a chance to learn about the environment and why it needs our protection.

The books done for the project are among the best environmental children’s books, as they are written about climate action, greenhouse gas emission, how we can reduce plastic pollution and more. Children are becoming more aware of the need for environmental care. Now they can face the future with a smile.

About the Green Kids Books

Children’s books with the environmental message and eco-action project ideas will provide active children with a new way of viewing the world. They will prepare for the future in a better way, as they can have fun while they learn.

The books found in the eco-kids project are helping to build environmental protection awareness in a new and better way. Parents who are interested in telling their children about sustainability, creativity, tree planting and other similar topics can simply place orders online.

They will find children’s books about environmental issues, children’s books about Global Warming, children’s books about plastic pollution reduction, children’s books about ecosystem protection, environmental books for toddlers and the books about the places we go when we want to enjoy the great outdoors.

My plan to become a teacher for a while truly paid off and I am glad I took a look into the world of these active boys, and tried to make a change in the way they learned. I discovered that motivation can make a difference in the way boys see education and prepare for the future. I also saw where it is important for them to learn more about the things they like interacting with each day.

natures beauty

The Environmental Children’s Books

As a mother who always tried to keep her son motivated and saw how that helped him to do well in school. I won’t say I didn’t know about the effect motivation has on children. I didn’t get motivation when I was growing up and I had to learn how to motivate myself. I am trying to motivate more children in simple ways with my books. You will notice that there are eco-friendly tips in the stories, that cause children to think about what will happen in the future when they protect the environment now.

Some of the stories are also written with creative ideas in them. I believe it is good for children to be creative, as their creativity can lead to the ability to create jobs for themselves and others in the future. Many of the artistes who become millionaires began singing, running or playing games when they were children. If we could change our mindset about the way we help our children to prepare for the future. We might find that life becomes easier to manage.

Supporting the eco-kids Project is Easy and very Affordable

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About the Author

About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the the future of the planet.

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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  1. Very well put together catches your interest that you have to read to the end. I commend you keep up the good work we all need to learn more about the environment how we are damaging the earth and how to protect it.thank you for your contribution to this cause. Well done.

  2. A wonderful literary way to reach kids and educate them on climate change and wider environmental issues which, no doubt will impact them. A good legacy in books for future generations.

    Keep up the good work, Denise.

    1. Thank you Ann-Marie, I thank you for leaving such a valuable comment on the article. I appreciate your support/

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