Heat Waves Causing Children to Feel Hopeless

We should not subject our children to this misery that we are going through. Not when there are climate solutions we can use to make a difference. I recently heard that Mr Obama’s daughter spoke about the way climate change caused her friends to feel hopeless. As an ex president it seemed he didn’t even give her a reason to hope for a better future. More adults can help the youth to become the change they need to see. We can do more to give children hope for a bright future.

Temperature rise and hopelessness

Can Politicians do More to Slow Down Climate Change?

Is it possible for politicians to have a conversation with wealthy business owners about the needed changes? Can they mention climate solutions to them? Or they will say they are making changes already and there is nothing more they can do. Do we blame politicians too much for problems? Should we be trying harder to make changes in the way we live and encourage more people around us to do the same? I believe we can always try. It is better to try and fail instead of simply watching and talking as situations get worse. Politicians have been unreliable over the years.

We Can Become The Change

We can become the change we need to see while we help children to begin their journey to the green future. This is our only option, if we don’t want the human race to go extinct. As climate change cause food insecurity and increased tempeature. The Funwritings website is being developed as the website that has solutions for many problems. You can get a number of solutions for more than just environmental issues on the site. Contributors to the eco-kids book project received lyric for songs and jingles, customized poems, slogans and taglines, social media banners, scripts for explainer videos and more. The contributions helped with the publishing cost of 17 eco-kids books this far.

The Eco-Kids Project

Individuals who support the eco-kids book project are helping children to have hope as they prepare to see a bright future. They are equipping them with climate solutions and eco-friendly tips they can use each day to make a difference. More families can decide to use the environmental solutions found in the eco-friendly kids books as they reduce pollution. Eventually more people will understand how easy it is to protect the environment and have a great life. We might reduce the amount of micro plastic found in drinking water and food eventually, even if there is no change to Global warming.

Writing services supporting the eco-kids project
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