Enjoy Earth Day in a Special Way this Year

Earth day can be planned for, in the same way we plan for other special days. We can begin planning for a great future or a green future. That can be a part of your reason for celebrating Earth day this year. Planning for a green future will include finding many ways to encourage children to read earth day books and go green to save money by:

  • Giving information about the green lifestyle to children as you help them to learn about environmental solutions and make great plans for their future.
  • Using eco-friendly tips to reduce your bills, and start saving more money towards owning solar panels or electric vehicles.
  • Making more plans to reuse, reduce and recycle.
  • Finding more things around your home that you can repair, reuse, restore or refurbish.
  • Encouraging your friends to use eco-friendly tips so they can plan for a green future as well.
  • Start planning to plant trees or your own garden with vegetables.
  • Begin doing composting and using more plastic pollution solutions .
  • Make a list of the many ways you can reduce the number of plastic containers and plastic packaging you use.
  • Make plans with your family and friends to celebrate Earth Day in a special way.
  • Show Mother Earth more love and gratitude by taking children on a special trip to enjoy the great outdoors, where they can see the birds, the trees and the butterflies.

When We Protect Nature We Protect Ourselves

For so many years people were dumping waste in the Oceans and Seas, as they believed it would simply disappear. Unfortunately there are people who are still in denial because and they are still polluting the oceans because they have not been told that our waste is bad for the fish we eat and marine animals.

We are destroying ourselves when we pollute the environment. We inhale toxic air when plastic and other toxic substances are burned in landfills. Our food becomes toxic when we pollute the soil with chemicals. It is time for us to do more for children, we shouldn’t be allowing them to continue living in an unsustainable way. When they can learn how to go green and use environmental solutions to save the planet.

Climate Change Denial can Lead to More Pollution

Most environmental pollution happens because there are some individuals who still believe the Earth will restore itself at all times. Protecting the environment is not an option they think they should consider. They choose not to notice that some creatures are going extinct, industrial waste kills fish and other small creatures in rivers and humans are being harmed by toxic pollutants as well. However, children can learn about the pollution that is taking place and they might pass on this valuable information to adults who are in denial. When they decide to change the way things are being done.

There are climate refugees in some places who have lost everything they have worked for, because the people who make huge profits from industrialization, ignore the fact that industrialization is linked to climate change, they simply don’t care about the poor. Even though a lot was done to reduce the impact fossil fuels have on the environment, it is still causing Global warming.

We are all humans and we share one Earth, when one person suffers the rich should never believe that could never happen to them.

When more is done to uplift the poor and there is more equality in society, the environment will be protected in the best way. It has been noticed that the poor does more to protect the environment, as they are the ones who love nature.

Earth Day
beautiful earth

Earth Day And Preparing for the Green Future

This Earth Day we can make plans to help more people to walk away from denial so they can begin understanding that “Earth’s Beauty is Our Duty” . For them to see the increased plastic pollution problem caused by the use of single-use-plastic and continue living in denial. It means they don’t know what plastic pollution does to the health of the environment.

Reducing the number of individuals who are in denial, will help us to have the green future that our children deserve. They should never be exposed to the bad advice that the climate deniers give. When they can be encouraged to become green entrepreneurs who will create jobs that will assist with the solution for plastic pollution and do more to cause the Earth’s beauty to be restored

There is no one in their right minds who will want to see children playing on polluted beaches and inhaling polluted air. Not when the environmental solutions available to us are so great and we can reduce pollution while we spend less on our bills.

Nasa Earth photo

Earth Day Can Be More Memorable

If we do more to make the future bright on Earth Day by giving more eco-friendly e-books to children everywhere. They can keep on learning more about going green by reading environmental books on their many devices each day. They will be planning the events for the next Earth Day, as they put together their own ideas to protect the Earth. They will be interested in protecting their planet and themselves. This will cause Earth Day to be more memorable for us all.

The future of Earth Day is all about the children and their future. They want their future to be great and they are becoming more aware of the need for environmental care. It would be good if they were encouraged to continue on the path that will cause them to have a beautiful Earth to live on. We should help them to develop great eco-friendly habits and have hope to see a less toxic environment to live in.

The Eco-kids Project

Promoting the Eco-kids Project that provides great environmental children’s books at low cost so kids can be informed and empowered is another great thing you can do for Earth day. This Project that will help children to have great information about going green, as they prepare for a green future and a great life can be supported in many ways.

The project also offers great online writing services for adults, they get a chance to contribute to the publishing cost of more children’s books about environmental issues. This project will one day get to a place where some of these eco-kids books can be made available for free. Currently the contributions are used to pay for advertising, publishing costs, promotions and other expenses. There is something included in the project for everyone. You get a lot in return when you contribute.

About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the future of Mother Earth.

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