Green Living and Sustainability

Green living can cause us to see increased creativity and improveed sustainability. Governments will be developing new green job creation strategies when more recycling is being done. When more reducing, reusing, repairing and refurbishing is being done more school leavers will be employed. We could see a huge turn around in the way we live when more citizens go green. With new mindsets that will allow our creativity to empower us. We will become the change, and Fun writings is here to encourage everyone to think about it. We can do more to make the future secure.

Sustainability and Environmental Protection

We get a chance to enjoy Nature more, when we do things that are affordable, achievable and sustainable. We have been talking more about sustainability recently, but not many people are doing more to protect the environment. Single-use-plastic is still being used too much and air pollution is still on the rise. Plastic pollution is a problem that is still growing.

Becoming the change we need to see, is not being mentioned enough. On a planet where many depend on Governments to provide for them in so many ways. They simply don’t want to start living in a new ways. They don’t want to look at the way green living can help them to protect the environment. If more people could decide to be like this Grandma, sustainability would be more than a word.

Children and Environmental Solutions

We should not subject our children to what we are going through with these heat waves, food shortages, flooding, violent hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters. We should show them how to put an end to environmental degradation. That is easy to do when we tell kids about the many environmental solutions. Ecology for kids is a part of the great plan that will help children to begin living sustainably so they can turn things around. They should get a chance to plan for a green future in a great way.

Eco-kids and Green parenting
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