Green Kids Can Assist in Reducing Pollution

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Helping children to become the change they need to see can happen. With more Environmental education and more green action in homes. The books for the eco-kids project are written in a special way. The books has stories that are exploring the cause of the pollution problems. They also help children to understand how plastic pollution affects us and the environment. The eco-kids books are filled with great environmental solutions like the one above. Children can learn about the benefits they will see when they reuse, reduce and recycle.

The last report about plastic pollution did not say it was decreasing. There was no report about an increase in the number of recyclers either. Now we know we all need to become the change. We should tell our children more about the environmental issues. We are the ones who are suffering when the air, water and soil is polluted. This caused funwritings to put together a plan to get everyone on the planet involved in the plastic pollution reduction plan.

Eco-kids book project contributions

How the Eco-kids Project Was Supported

Supporters of the eco-kids project ordered lyrics,articles, slogans, video scripts and more on and eBooks and books on The money they spent went towards the publishing cost of more eco-kids books. Now children are becoming more aware of the need for environmental care. With a local guide program that gives them facts about of the climate solutions and environmental solutions they can use to decrease pollution. It is easy for them to plan for a great future.

Why we Should Decrease Plastic Pollution

We can try to reduce the number of Cancer patients in hospitals across the world. It is possible that plastic pollution has contributed to that. We know the smoke that rises in the air when plastic is burned is toxic, it is bad for our health. Increased environmental education for children cannot hurt. They might be the ones who will be more creative. Finding better ways to manage waste might become a part of their plan. They will want to keep the environment healthy.

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