Green Activities for Children in Environmental Clubs

Children can enjoy themselves in many ways when they join environmental clubs. They will go on Nature walks, pick up litter and put it in bags as they go along. Make toys for themselves, gifts for their friends, relatives and teachers as they reuse or recycle used plastic and other material, that would normally make their way to landfills. Eco-friendly tips will be added to the list of ecofriendly ideas they will learn about and use, as they become more aware of the need for environmental care. Children will be a lot more creative and ready to assist their parents at home with the many green activities they do.

Creativity for EcoKids

When children are learning to be creative with plastic and cardboard waste, they will have new ideas quite often and they will learn from each other. They will be making a number of items that their parents and teachers can use each day. Toy cars, an organizer for pens, pencils and other small things like paperclips can be made with waste plastic. Children can also make decorations for their classroom walls, the walls in their rooms at home and other places. They can make drip irrigation systems for their gardens, by boring holes into plastic bottle covers before they fill the bottles with water and push the bottle tops down in holes in their gardens. They can also make small cups to plant seeds in as they get ready to nuture them and watch them grow.

desk organizer
desk organizer made with plastic waste

Green Activities for Environmental Clubs

I have heard of children who have started selling their vegetables after they learn to grow them in environmental clubs. It is good for our young ones to learn how to be thrifty, the habits they develop will stay with them when they become adults. They can benefit from these green activities when they are much older. With the current issues surrounding food and shortages, it is good for children to prepare for the future by learning about these many green activities that are mentioned in these environmental clubs.


These many eco-friendly activities will help children to learn how to work together as they share ideas and become more caring. They will also be more willing to share more, since after they have made a number of items they won’t need to keep them all. Environmental clubs in school are essential. Every parent should encourage their child or children to join them, as we prepare for a green future.

reducing plastic use
reducing plastic use

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