Great Children’s Books About Environmental Protection and Green Living

Back in 2010, Denise Salmon a trained Children’s writer and Creative writer, who became an author; began thinking about the future of the planet. She thought of the problems people would face if pollution reduction was not handled in a better way. She also thought about the unemployment problem that is becoming worse each day. This caused her to wonder if a connection between job creation and better waste management could be made. 

With the increased production of plastic products, electronic devices and other things that will be sent to landfills to burn; and not enough talk about environmental protection going on in the right places. She thought Environmental education for children was becoming increasingly important.

recycling and keeping the environment clean

How Recycling Plastic Creates Jobs

However,it wasn’t long before she realized that poor people could benefit in many ways from recycling. If manufacturers of plastic and the other things that are now polluting the environment, could simply contribute to a pollution reduction plan in more countries.

She was unable to find anyone to share her thoughts with and the plastic pollution problem continued getting worse. Eventually scientists discovered micro plastic in water, air and food. Now there are more recycling programs in many places all over the world, (even though they are not enough). Poor people are now earning when they collect plastic bottles and take them to the recycling centres in their area. The plastic pollution reduction plan is working in a great way.

The plastic bottles that are collected, processed and used to make new products. This has caused increased job creation people are quite happy with the money they earn. The workers who are busy washing the bottles, those who are processing them and the ones who are making new products with them are also content with their jobs. They know they are doing something great for the environment and themselves.

How More Contribution is Made to Plastic Pollution Reduction

She decided to make a contribution to the plastic pollution reduction program in her own way. She wrote 16 children’s books for environmental education to help turn kids into young environmentalists. This will cause an increase in their sense of connection and duty to the beauty of their environment in a number of ways. Almost thirteen years later, the urgency to teach children about the environmental issues and their solutions is just as relevant and even more pressing; as the number of products we use to pollute the Earth has increased with the growth of technology and new devices. So she is promoting her eco-kids project again for 2023. This time, a book that was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education is included here. 

For parents who are still hesitant about where or how to start telling their children about the best way to prepare for the future. The perfect solution is here, parents should just start giving their children the books about environmental protection that were written for them. They are filled with the eco-friendly tips and the environmental protection messages.  It’s okay for parents to be learning along with children,  many of the books she recommended are the ones that are written in simple language. If a parent also enjoys reading the books, they can not only talk to their child about environmental protection, but they don’t mind reading it even more than once, until they see a change in behavior.

The List of Children’s Environmental Protection Books Done for the Eco-kids Project

Shari and Grandpa Tom enjoy their day
A day at the river side

Marcus Garvey and the Tainos in Canoe Valley- A charming little tale of a grandfather and his granddaughter enjoying a day at the river side and at home. Fishing, singing, talking about environmental protection, enjoying the great outdoors, cooking, telling stories and learning. Some books on the website are simply about enjoying nature after you have done all you can to protect it.

Ricardo’s Tree

Ricardo’s Tree: Tells the story of a very excited little boy who is fascinated by the fact that one little seed can become a tree that is big and tall. He plants a seed and nurtures his tree while he dreams of the many ways in which he, his family, friends and the birds will benefit from having a tree. Children will enjoy reading about his plans for the tasty fruits he will find after his tree has grown.

Reusing Plastic

Reuse For Taffy Turtle: A story about the teacher who helps her students to be creative by using plastic bottles and bags to make cars, decorations, a piggy bank and other things. Children enjoy reading about the many things they can make as they think about the money they will be saving when their parents are not purchasing these things in the stores anymore.

reducing plastic use
reducing plastic use

Reduce for Taffy Turtle: Tells the story of  children who are avoiding the use of single-use-plastics. They are determined to save the life of the cute pink Turtle who will get sick if she eats plastic. Children take their reusable water bottles with them everywhere and eat their lunch out of reusable containers with their reusable spoons and cups too.

recycling for kids
Saving Taffy Turtle as you Recycle

Saving Taffy Turtle: A story about the cute baby Turtle Taffy who was found on the beach with her siblings after her mother left them. Children will be able to connect with the plight of these small creatures who are desperately in need of care and protection. They will want to help with recycling and keeping the beaches clean.

Children's Green Activity Book
Green activity book

Taffy Turtle’s Green Kid’s Activity Book: A book filled with eco-friendly ideas, coloring pages and word games. Children will never be bored when they can make their to-do-lists and plan their activities. Going green has become a fun activity at last, and this book causes children to be more aware of the environmental solutions they can use to keep the environment clean. They will be ready to have clean water and air one day.

saving the Turtles and keeping beaches beautiful
saving the Turtles and keeping beaches beautiful will be easy for children to do

Saving Taffy Turtle – Coloring and Activity Pages: Another activity book that is nicely written with rhymes. The word games and puzzles will keep children busy. They will even be writing little songs for Taffy as they make plans to keep her healthy and happy.

Children’s First Green Action Book: Tells about the other sea creatures and how we can protect them every day while we reuse, reduce and recycle. A book for kindergarten children that will help them to start understanding how they are connected to the environment.

eco-friendly tips and activities they can learn to do when they are protecting the planet
Green Kids activities

Taffy Turtle’s Green Kids Action Book: Children can take action and use solutions and this book will cause them to be more aware of the need for environmental care. This is the green living book for kids, that tells them how they can have fun while they learn to live in a sustainable way.

Eco-friendly tips will give children a chance to face the future with a smile

Eco-friendly Tips Will Save Taffy Turtle and Her Friends: Taffy Turtle now has a new friend, her name is Tatianna and she likes meeting the other baby sea creatures in the Mangroves. However, the plastic pollution problem makes them sad and they want us to know how much we need to keep the Mangroves healthy. They even tell how the Mangrove protects us during hurricanes, cyclones or typhoons. 

Book about the creatures who are living under the sea and how we can protect them by reducing plastic pollution
Fun and environmental protection combined

Save Taffy Turtle and Her Friends: Taffy Turtle and her friends can have a lot more fun when we stop allowing plastic waste to affect them. They like to plan parties and play with each other. Children will enjoy learning the names of the many creatures who are living under the sea. They will know how important their plan to reduce pollution is and how they need to be committed to keep on doing their part, as they spread the news about the need for environmental care.

Green living for kids

When we Go Green: A green book for the toddlers, it tells a little about conservation and environmental protection. Children will enjoy looking at the colorful illustrations as they learn about the things they will enjoy when they go out and explore Nature.

Gavin the Gardner: Gavin is fascinated by the fact that tiny seeds can cause him to have many tomatoes, pumpkins and bell peppers. I learns about composting and waste separation as his brother begin thinking in a new way too. They begin thinking about the importance of trees and start planting trees for many reasons. Trees for fruits, trees for shade and they think of the birds and other creatures too. ( Illustrations are not ready- book not published)

Eco-friendly tips for kids

Saving Mother Earth and Taffy Turtle:  Mother Earth is happy when we do all we can to protect her and she smiles, but when we burn trees and cause landslides, she has a bad hair day and she is sad. Children will learn about green energy, all the tasty fruits and foods that causes them to be healthy when they understand all that Mother Earth does for them each day.

Let’s Go Green and Protect Mother Earth: This book tells of a mother who likes spending time with her children, having picnics as they sit on the mat they made with used plastic bags. Her children enjoy playing with the butterflies and the birds. She teaches them how to protect the place so they can keep on having fun there.  She helps them to understand how good it is to enjoy Nature as reduce litter.

Fun and Games for Turtles

Taffy Turtle Loves to Play: This story tells how Taffy Turtle and her siblings have play games and have fun under the sea and on the beach. They play Peekaboo, hide and go seek, and the race to see which brother or sister can move fastest. Toddlers will enjoy looking at the bright colored illustrations and talking about the games the Turtles play.

Planning for A Green Future with Great Information

Not all these books are published, there is one that is awaiting illustrations and formatting, but they are all written and they have their ISBN numbers. The contributors to the eco-kids books project have shown their support for the project in a great way. They have been working along with her over the many years as they believe we can have a clean environment in the future. Now you see how easy it is for you to help the children to prepare for a bright future. I am sure you will join in and contribute by purchasing books and fiverr gigs as that is the way everyone contributed in the past.

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About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the the future of the planet.

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