Going from Unsustainable to Sustainable

Going from unsustainable to sustainable development has not been easy for many. Change is not liked and more environmental education is needed. We know children are always eager to learn and it is time for us to give them the information they need about environmental solutions. We can make a lot more progress towards sustainability when our children are starting more eco clubs in schools and communities.

Sustainability for Children

Children who are aware of the need for environmental care will begin using the environmental solutions, tips and ideas everyday. They will see how much they benefit from the changes around them. Since we could see a reduction in the amount of people who get ill after they have been bitten by mosquitoes. We could all be healthier when we decrease plastic pollution. We should protect our soil and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides also.

More Recycling

Parents and children can begin earning from recycling in places where recycling centres are open. This would help us to see less flooding. When there is more tree planting we could have more healthy fruits to eat and trees attract rainfall. We benefit from tree planting in many more ways too. They could begin putting old electronics in the correct place, since the people who are in the waste management business have started collecting them.

Becoming the Change

We can all become the change we need to see when children get connected to environmental solutions. Fun Writings is here to assist in many ways with the process that will lead to sustainability. You can get a lot in return as soon as you support the project on the website.

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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