Global Warming to Extinction

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Extinction Rebellion is happening, people are saying it is best for us to stop or decrease production for a while and save the planet. Some people say stop fossil fuel use, as they block traffic sometimes. I guess it is hard for others to even think about what they are saying because they need to eat and they have bills to pay. If only we had more creative thinkers in leadership positions, there would be a plan. More green jobs would be created in more places to facilitate the increase in green energy production. More people would be reducing their energy bills gradually and fossil fuel use would be declining.

Hottest Summer in History

The Summer is hot even in tropical countries where the wind blows and there was more rain in the past. Rivers are disappearing and the number of jobs people are doing are being reduced anyway. The business owners who sell air condition units are doing well and they are using technology in new ways. It seems they don’t need to care? I believe they still depend on the farmers who will have nothing to sell when there is a drought. Farmers are affected by heat, lack of rainfall, flooding and wildfires. The rich will be affected somehow, so they should want to be among the people who use climate solutions.

Is Denial causing Increased Global Warming?

Is it that the number of people who are in denial about the climate change issue is growing? Would it make a difference if more leaders were encouraging populations to go green? I hope we won’t wait until it is too late to change our plans about environmental protection. Heat that is worst than the heat we see now. Means having a planet that is not able to sustain life. It means the end of humanity. Wouldn’t it be a shame to see the destruction, after so many great creations were made? If there is no plan for restoration all we will see is increased destruction. This means less food, water and everything else that is needed to keep us alive.

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