“Gavin the Little Gardener”-A New Eco-kids Book

Planting seeds and planning for the green future

When planting seeds becomes a fun green activity for children. We know we are on a path to the green future as we reduce food shortage and unsustainable living. Fun writings continues to add new books to the series for the eco-kids as the days go by. Due to the support received from the many green parents, and supporters who are interested in havig a bright future.

Green activities for Children

When children are more active as they enjoy the great outdoors, it is much easier for them to stay healthy and strong. There will be less diabetes among the youth who are not sitting in houses playing games or just watching tv. We know Nature Lovers will reduce pollution in many ways, and still enough was not done to encourage children to love Nature.

Parents should be taking their children on Nature walks more often. They should tell them about eco-friendly tips they can use to reduce pollution, so the environment can be healthy. We all prefer having clean water and air that will keep us healthy. It is time for us to use the environmental solutions to get what we desire. Green parents are encouraging their children to make toys with plastic waste as this improves their creativity.

The Launch for “Gavin the Little Gardener”

Children now have a book that will help them to understand that it is possible for them to plant seeds and reap vegetables. You can get free copies of the ebook whenever you send me a message here or on social media, if you want a copy for a child.

ecofriendly project for kids

About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the future of the earth.

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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