The Great Plan for the Eco-Kids and the Green Future

There has been talk about the green future and some countries are trying to have green economies. Most of us agree that there needs to be a change in the way we treat our planet. Now that plastic pollution, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, deforestation, climate change and many more environmental issues are causing life to be unbearable.

Funwritings works hard to change the way we build environmental protection awareness. It should be done in a new and better way.This new and better way has environmental education for children in its foundation. Since there were many generations who were raised to become engineers, business managers, nurses, doctors, teachers and other professionals.

Environmental projects for Students

There was not enough emphasis placed on environmental protection in the past. If we want to save the planet and have a future. We will need to depend on the youth to reduce environmental pollution and live sustainably. We cannot depend on teachers alone to prepare the next generation to save the planet. The eco-kids book project has a plan that will empower children. The great offered by Funwritings are documented in the video below.

Importance of Environmental Education

Environmental education must be given a lot more attention. It should be in the schools curriculums in more places around the world. Children should be exposed to the solutions for the pollution problems. They can become the change they need to see. They can refuse to act in the way their parents acted when the earth was polluted.

Parents will feel the need to do things in a new way. They will see the need to give their children a future. One that is not plagued by food insecurity, sea level rise, droughts and flooding. All parents should be helping children to provide for their own basic needs in life and the main one is food.

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