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Eco Friendly Plan

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Environmental Project

Protecting the environment will become easy for both you and your child or children to do. Children’s books about environmental protection awareness are being sold here, to give them the information they need about tree planting, using waste to make craft items, using reusable items and other interesting ideas that will cause them to be excited about protecting the environment in many ways.


Fantastic E-Books

There are eBooks here for the whole family and they can be ordered easily on and other websites. Persons have ordered special songs for their children, jingles for their businesses, lyrics for themselves, slogans for social media advertising and more as they contribute to the publishing cost of more eBooks for the kids. We believe this project is best for families as they all prepare for a bright future.

Smashwords and LMH EBooks

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Family Learning Together

We believe in equipping the whole family with great skills and plans to reduce pollution and have a healthy environment. With this project children will be learning the skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives! By instilling in them a method of analytical thinking, we believe they will be able to be independent thinkers as they grow up to be responsible citizens who will never think about polluting the environment in any way.

What Contributors say


5 star review

This seller gets it! Iā€™m going to be hiring them for all of our jingles because they are genius And go above and beyond my expectations! Phenomenal work and talent to put words together in the most clever way. Thank you

denisesalmon Fiverr Seller I will write lyrics for jingles to be played on radio for advertising, great slogans for your online ad campaign, articles, personalized poems, video scripts and more. Check out the great reviews the buyers have written on my profile and place an order. You will have no regrets


5 star review

Excellent Communication & Such A Great Seller To Work With! Thank You Denise!


Our Success


Since the project started in 2010, 11 books were published and 6 more are waiting to be edited, formatted and illustrated


Parents have left many 5 star reviews on the Fiverr Gig page and they like the eBooks a lot, they left reviews on the Amazon pages as well.


Each year books are published for the project and we have consistently produced great articles, lyrics, slogans, poems and more for our contributors on The results have been good for over 9 consecutive years.

Still want more Information?

Why not contact the creative writer and you will interact in a good way?

You will ask all your questions and outline all your requirements, and see samples of work that was done previously if you want to. There are times when free eBooks are being given away and you can get copies. Get in touch with us and we can help you and your child or children to improve your lives in many ways.


About Us

A trained Creative Writer that is willing to work with you to grow your business in many ways as children learn how to protect the environment and prepare for a bright future.

Contact Us

Twitter- @Funwritings

Instagram- @funwritings

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