Fossil Fuel – Destruction – Climate Justice

Even though people are suffering and struggling to survive in some places. The fossil fuel industry does not seem to be changing because of the scientists report. Huge profits seems to be seen as something that is more important than human life. Climate justice could help to put an end to the great inequality. There are many who believe the love for money will continue. The poor will suffer and die because there will be no Climate Justice. However, there are some who continue speaking out about the environmental issues. They believe change will come when people are empowered with the correct information about solutions.

Climate Change Demands Change

The world’s leading energy agency is saying we cannot continue using fossil fuels in the same way we dis before. Climate change demands change and we must be the change we need to see. We are the ones who developed a system that caused the need for increased travel. Can we afford to say it is impossible to reduce travel now? Those who believe depopulation is a solution don’t seem to be ready to die. Should they be allowed to wish death on others without facing punishment? We are all humans and inequality has not been good for our planet. It is time for us to find solutions that will cause us all to work together.

We can do a lot more recycling and farming as we implement the zero waste plan in more places. This will lead to green job creation and increased productivity among the poor. Children can begin learning about environmental solutions at an earlier age. Since their survival will depend on what they know. In a world where there is food insecurity, wild fires, heat waves, hurricanes and droughts. Continuing to teach children about languages, Mathematics and other subjects and ignoring environmental education. Will only lead to more environmental pollution and degradation.

Let us do more for the future each day, by using less fossil fuel when we can. When we refuse, repair, reuse, reduce and recycle we are using a great plan. Our children deserve a future that is bright. They won’t have one if we keep on having increased heat waves, flooding, landslides and droughts. We should be doing more to reduce food shortages in some places. Governments can do more to help people who have no land to do farmng still. I’m sure they would find ways to get them into armies if they needed them for war.

Environmental Education for All

Environmental education for children will easily become environmental education for all. As the simplified information found in the eco-kids books will inspire climate action. Making it easy for everyone on the planet to get on board with the eco-friendly tips they need to use when they are solving the pollution problems is a progressive step. Let us make the move.

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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