Environmental Restoration for Present and Future Generations

Climate activists are asking leaders to do more to support the work of the people; who are restoring Earth for present and future generations. We should be spreading the word about the possibility of restoration of the biodiversity. Everything that is needed to sustain life on the planet should be getting more attention. Leaders should be making more laws to end deforestation and pollution. The teenagers are speaking up now, they don’t want the environmental degradation to continue.

Building Environmental Protection Awareness in a New and Better Way

If more leaders were aware of the need for environmental care, they would pass more laws to prevent pollution. There would be less companies who allow their industrial waste to continue polluting the environment. We should demand that our leaders do more to protect biodiversity as they think about the safety and survival of the present and future generations.

Eco-kids Book Project

The eco-kids project on the funwritings website is building environmental protection awareness in a new and better way. As children are begginning to become aware of what they can do to become a part of local guide programs. They will be developing green habits and planning for the green future. This is how they will become the change they want to see. They will be the ones to reduce pollution and restore the damaged coral reef and ecosystems. Children are now exposed to action project ideas; when they read the books written for their environmental protection project.

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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