Environmental Pollution Reduction Plan and Benefits

Whenever drains are blocked with plastic waste and roads get flooded when it rains, there will be a lot more potholes to be fixed after the rain stops falling and the flood water recedes. The funds spent on road repairs could be spent on improved healthcare, increased wages of Government workers and the list goes on. When there is no proper pollution reduction plan in place citizens suffer in many ways.

In places where mosquitoes spread diseases, reduced plastic waste will collect water that they can breed in and spread dengue, Chik-v and other deadly diseases. The money spent by the Government for health care during these times could be decreased, if there was less plastic pollution.

Microplastic is now getting into our food and causing another problem that is being investigated by scientists. We have noticed an increase in the number of Cancer patients in hospitals across the world. We already know that fumes released in the air when plastic is burnt has caused an increase in respiratory illnesses. 

It is possible that all these extra ailments are causing a reduction in the productivity of workers and an increased amount of funds being spent on healthcare.

The Solution for Plastic Pollution

When we change the way we build environmental protection awareness in every place where plastic is used, we will see more recycling, repairing, reducing and reusing being done.

In some countries where products that are packaged in plastic are imported and sold. When checks are done the professionals report that 75% of the plastic waste is not being recycled. The rest of the plastic is in the sea, in landfills being burned or in drains.

Enough environmental education is not being done and there is need for a drastic change in the way populations are educated about the impact of plastic pollution.

plastic pollution can be decreased when people are more aware of how they can benefit from solutions
Plastic Pollution

For a long time plastic was used and discarded and no one thought about the growing pollution problem. They thought plastic waste could be swallowed up by the oceans and simply go away. Now that more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of plastic pollution, there has been an increase in the number of people who are interested in protecting the environment.

More Environmental Education Makes a Big Difference

Our tax dollars could be doing a lot more for us if we could have Governments that are willing to spend more on environmental education instead of the problems caused by plastic pollution.

We could see a lot more people who are interested in recycling, reusing, repairing and reducing doing their part to keep the environment clean. Added to that we would see more products being made from recycled plastic and that will lead to a reduction in the prices of many products.

Sustainability Can be Taught to Kids

Children can be taught to protect the environment and so they can grow up and live in a sustainable way. They can learn learn to value the ecosystem more and benefit from having a healthy environment, clean water and healthy food.

There are children’s books about Global warming, about environmental sustainability, environmental education and other environmental protection messages.

Teachers are using Eco-Art Project ideas and other eco-school project ideas to help children to be more aware of the need for environmental care.

There are eco-friendly kids projects that all adults can support as they plan for a bright future. As it is important for our children to be prepared to solve many of the problems we are now having, as they do all they can to save the planet.

We know how much we can benefit from sustainability and passing on our knowledge to the next generation is very important. Special books were written to assist teachers, grandparents, uncles, aunts and parents with the task of informing the children about the things they can do to protect our planet.

There are children’s books that will inspire them to be more aware of the issues we are struggling with at this time. Now that our ecosystems have been destroyed in many places and we are seeing more catastrophic weather events, that has destroyed lives and property.

Parents can Now Empower Their Children in Great Ways

It is best for us to put ourselves in a position to have hope for a bright future, instead of continuing on the same track that caused the destruction in the first place. When we give the children the information they need, they will be ready to take on the challenges they might face with pollution and other environmental issues, and improve the quality of their lives in a much better way.

They might have a lot more waste treatment plants and more clean energy than we do at this time, because they are learning about the importance of doing things in a better way.

When parents give their toddlers environmental books they are encouraging them to develop eco-friendly habits at an early age, this could lead to having adults who pollute the environment a lot less, and they will be willing to provide a lot more solutions for the problems we are having now with flooding, wild fires, air pollution etc.

Children’s Books With The Environmental Message

Giving children books with the environmental message has become more important recently, as scientists discovered the level of damage that is being done by humans to the environment and it seems to be hard for adults to change what they were doing, so they can create more solutions.

It is possible that we might be depending on the children to become the change we need to see in the future. This has made it more important for us to equip the children with the information they need at this time.

Children can learn about sustainability and it is our duty to teach them. They should not be just left to face a food shortage crisis, an air pollution crisis, a climate change emergency and other environmental issues; without the necessary information.

Book & iPad Mockup
Children can learn about the benefits derived from the planting of trees.

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