Environmental Education – the Solution

If Governments would insist that Environmental Education was on the Curiculum of every school in every country. I believe there would be less pollution and more green energy creation. Children would be ready to become green entrepreneurs when they grow up. They would not be trying to find jobs, as green jobs are not hard to create. They could easily employ them selves and others. In this article the issue of green job creation and other environmental solutions will be explored.

With more environmental education and reduced pollutions we can see a decrease in the spread of mosquito borne diseases, such as Dengue and Zika. There will be more tree planting and more rain to keep the earth cool. This might reduce heat waves and food insecurity. It is possible for more of us to be busy using solutions, and forgeting anxiety. Heat waves are causing more deaths and it is good to know there is a solution we can use. Saying climate change is not an issue is fast becoming a myth nobody wants to hear.

Climate Solutions

Implementing climate solutions can have significant economic benefits. One of the main advantages is the creation of new job opportunities. As the demand for renewable energy sources, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable practices increases, industries related to these areas will experience growth. This will result in the creation of jobs in sectors such as renewable energy production, energy-efficient construction, and green transportation. These new jobs can help stimulate economic growth and reduce unemployment rates.

A New Way to Spread the News About Solutions

If you assist in the spreading of the word about the need for environmental care in a new and simple way. While you get the books and writing services you will like. This is a win win situation that will cause us to have a green future. When the eco project is supported more as individuals who simply visit and place orders. The children’s green project will be promoted even more. The money spent will assist with the growth of the project in many ways.

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