Environmental Education for Children- the Key to Environmental Wellness

If we continue believing that mathematics, languages, science and the other subjects are more important than environmental education we will not see decreased pollution and better environmental health. We will only see the continued unequal distribution of wealth and increased pollution. When our children are not told about green living and sustainability. The eco-kids project has produced many children’s books with the environmental message were written about the solutions to the many environmental pollution issues for our children. It is important for them to begin learning how to go green and plan for a bright future.

However, if we change the way we educate our children about pollution reduction, sustainable living, the green lifestyle and other environmentally friendly ways of doing things. We will see the change we want to see in the way the environment is protected. Children who are aware of the need for environmental care will want to protect their own health and the health of the environment as well. Since we have not been educating children about environmental issues enough in the past, and we have seen the devastation that has taken place, shouldn’t we be saying a change in the environmental education plan might be what we need to have in schools at this time?

Children can use an Action Plan

Children can begin learning about environmental solutions, conservation, renewables, tree planting and more environmentally friendly actions they can take when they are trying to save the planet.



1- They can use more reusable containers

2- Plant more trees

3- Help parents with waste separation and recycling more

4- Clean up more parks and similar places, to keep them beautiful.

5- Donate the clothes that are not being worn anymore.

6- Remind parents to tune up cars and put enough air in tyres so less gasoline will be used.

7- Check household cleaners to see if they are damaging to the earth before using them.

8- Encourage others to join in and keep on adding to the number of things to be recycled.

9- PRINT less of the material they read

10- Help parents to shop and choose only the things that are in recyclable containers.

11- Ride bikes and walk whenever they can

12- Save water in many ways

13- Help with composting

14- Make calls to organise car pooling

Helping Our Children to face the Future with a Smile is a Great thing to do

Children can become really worried when they see the catastrophic weather events happening and they will worry and wonder if the hurricanes, typhoons, heatwaves and wild fires will only be seen more frequently in the future.

However, when they are busy learning about the awesome ecofriendly tips that will help to reduce the pollution problems we are having and they know that the zero waste plan can be the solution for the climate emergency we are facing. They will be willing to ask more people to join in and do all they can to reduce our pollution problems so we can worry less about the future.

Parents can empower children and help them to be creative in the way they think and act, as they prepare to be a citizen in a country where the circular economy model is in place and the whole population is doing more to save the planet. Children are curious and it is best for them to earn in organic way sometimes.

Telling Children about Environmental Solutions

Telling children about environmental solutions will cause them to be more aware of the environmental issues such as air pollution, plastic pollution, unsustainable living, water pollution and other pollution problems we need to decrease.

When they are aware of the solutions they can develop the skills they need to solve these problems and begin helping parents in homes. This will cause them to grow up with the habits that are environmentally friendly. The world needs this at this time; adults who are willing to develop businesses that will not destroy the environment and leaders who will be willing to make plans that will lead to sustainable development in countries.

reducing plastic use
reducing plastic use

The Eco-kids Book Project

The eco-kids book project was developed with the children and their future in mind. Parents who support the project can easily purchase the children’s books with the environmental protection message in them and other kids books. There are children’s books about recycling, children’s books about reducing plastic use, children’s books about reusing plastic, children’s books about tree planting. kids books about conservation and there are other books in the series that are being illustrated.

Conservation will help us to protect our natural resources and use them in an efficient way. Children can begin learning about the importance of conservation and sustainability. This will cause them to prepare to go green as the prepare for the future in the best way. They will not be wasting water and energy each day as they will be aware of the shortages they can face in the future when this is done.

Children can become more creative when they read these books as they become more aware of the many new things they can make for themselves, their family and their friends when they read the book “Reuse for Taffy Turtle”. There are many other books here that children can share with their friends, as they spread the word about the need for environmental care. The eco-kids project offers other children’s books, online writing services and poetry books for adults.

About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the the future of the planet.

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