Environmental Education for Children and the 5 Benefits

We have heard of the looming food shortage crisis, the climate crisis, the plastic pollution problem, deforestation, air pollution and many other environmental issues almost every day and climate targets are not being met. The changes we need to make have not happened fast enough over the years. The droughts, flooding, wildfires and heatwaves will continue causing hardship in the future if more people are not aware of the changes they can make. Children will need to be ready to face these challenges and it is good for them to have eco-friendly survival plans in place. Climate change causes food insecurity and poorer countries suffer most, in a world where those who are not suffering as much will ignore those who are dying. We should empower children with environmental solutions.

Recently the largest amount of named storms being formed in the Atlantic are at the highest number they have ever seen; and if there is no change in the way we treat the planet, we cannot expect to see any improvement in the weather. If we are not telling our children about the environmental solutions we are becoming the worst parents that ever lived on the planet.

Food Shortage Crisis

Climate change has caused an increase in drought conditions in many places where food is planted, leaving farmers with no water for their crops. Some farmers have even given up on their profession, choosing to live in cities instead.

Flooding, has been another problem for farmers. It is sometimes caused by plastic waste blocking drains in a time when there is excess rainfall, so there is no way for the water to make it to the oceans. Climate change has caused an increase in the number of cyclones, monsoons, hurricanes, wildfires and heatwaves.

It has become more difficult for farmers to predict the weather and they suffer huge losses when these catastrophic weather events happens. This has caused more nations to suffer from food shortage. Even though there are new ways to use hydroponic to grow food. Healthy soil producing nutritious crops is still best for us, keeping us strong and healthy.

Soil pollution is another problem faced by farmers in a world where toxic pesticides, herbicides and inorganic fertilizers are being used to increase profits. The build up of toxins in the soil, have caused some farmers to see a reduction in yield, plant size and profits.

We can no longer take our food supply for granted and believe supermarkets will always have our fresh vegetables and produce on sale. It is best for us to support the farmers who are doing organic farming, as they are the ones who are protecting the soil. They are the ones who are making it possible for us to have a future. When we support them we can protect our health and restore the soil so we can have healthy crops in the future.

When we encourage children to learn how to live in a sustainable way, we are helping them to plan for a brighter day.

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Climate Crisis

Global warming has been a term we have heard for a number of years and there are still many individuals who are in denial, saying it is not happening and rich business people are simply trying to get rich in a new way.

However, the increased intensity and number of the hurricanes, cyclones and monsoons is making it harder for humans to survive. Many individuals lose their lives whenever their country is hit by these powerful winds added to the heavy rains that accompany these catastrophic weather events.

We have seen more devastation than we read about in old newspapers that tells us what happened in the beginning of the century. It has been written that industrialization has caused the changes we have seen. Becoming the change we need to see in the future can only happen if we give children environmental solutions in simple language and empower them to do more for themselves. This is the only plan we can make, if we want the human race to continue living on the planet.


Cutting down trees and building factories and housing developments have become a normal way for humans to increase their wealth over the years. They leave many animals and small creatures without a home and for many years no one seemed to think about the fact that trees produce the fruits and healing we need, they also help to produce Oxygen and reduce Carbon causing us to live in a healthy environment.

However, now that we are aware of the need for trees, as they can also assist with the reduction of food shortage. Children who are exposed to environmental education will be ready to plant more trees and restore the planet, so it can be the way it should be. They can become the change they need to see and you can help them.

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Air Pollution

With the increased use of AI and robots, there is an increase in the number of products that are being made. This will lead to an increase in the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Children will need to develop new techniques to deal with waste management, as they do more to reduce air pollution and use environmental solutions to keep the environment clean.

Preparing for the future is becoming more important for children as time goes by. The children’s books about environmental issues are available here. You can begin informing the young ones about the problems we are having and how they can be solved.

Green Washing

There are unscrupulous individuals who sell products that are not eco-friendly but they are advertised as green products. When children are raised with the awareness of the damage done to the environment by certain products, they will be ready to differentiate between the green products and the green washed ones.

When we continue to support the companies that are producing genuine green products and rejecting the products that are greenwashed. Eventually we will get to a place where our environment will be healthy. The most important thing we can do, is inform children in great ways.


Children who are not aware of the need for environmental care could continue polluting the environment and moving closer to the extinction of humans. We can no longer continue raising children in the same way we have been doing it since industrialization began.

Now we know that there are climate solutions and environmental solutions that children can learn about. You will find that kids will enjoy learning in an organic way, as they enjoy the great outdoors.

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