Environmental Education and Decreased Pollution

Pollution is a problem that we can solve, if only more people could get to understand how pollution affects them. We tend to believe climate change will only affect the people who are far away; but the food shortage is becoming a worldwide problem. Environmental education for children will cause us to see more environmental protection now and in the future. The eco-kids project will help them to protect the environment now and prepare for the future in the best way. Plastic pollution is getting worse as there are people who still believe dumping waste in the ocean is a good idea. The Pacific garbage patch is still growing even though it is being cleaned up by an organisation.

Introducing Kids to Green Living

Introducing children to green living will cause us to live in a clean environment after a while. They will fall in love with Nature when they understand how they will benefit from pollution reduction. More children will grow up and become responsible citizens who protect the environment in many ways. Environmental education will help children to be prepared to create green jobs. They will be the ones who will do more to decrease pollution.

The Green Job Revolution

The advent of eco-friendly initiatives has stirred a revolution recently – a revolution that brings with it a wave of job opportunities in the ‘green’ industry. What exactly is a green job? The definition can be quite broad, but mainly, these are the jobs that contribute substantially to conserving or restoring the quality of the environment. 

“Green jobs assists in reducing the negative environmental impact and essentially supports sustainability.”

Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon

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