Environmental Care the Solution

When we spread the word about the need for environmental care. Eventually we will have clean water and air. We will have good quality food to eat. Polluters will taste defeat when we refuse some products. We will have more green entrepreneurs and green jobs being created. As we plan for a green future and move away from the use of Fossil fuel. We will save both money and the Earth. When we do eco-friendly activities to save the environment.

There are too many people who are not aware of the many environmental solutions. We could be using them to turn bad situations around. Environmental care will deliver decreased pollution and increased sustainability. This could lead to increased green job creation and reduced crime. The Eco-Kids Book Project on the funwritings website has been giving the children the information they need. Since we don’t want to see more of the devastation caused when more generations become polluters.

Environmental Solutions Will end Environmental Pollution

The pollution crisis grows each day as we use more fossil fuels, produce more plastic packaging and products and toxic chemicals. When the word about the need for environmental care is not spread in an effective way. Many people live unsustainably and become a part of the problem. If they knew of the many environmental solutions. They would be reducing their bills and benefitting from reduced pollution in many more ways. From improved health and wellness, reduced food bills, clean water and air and the use of clean energy.

Children Becoming the Solution

We are not burdening our children when we give them information about environmental solutions. Instead we are helping them to plan for a bright future. We are giving them a chance to avoid the distress we face when our food is toxic. Why continue to live with air and water pollution, when environmental solutions are available? Why are we simply continuing to drink bottled water when we could try to have clean rivers? People can develop eco-friendly projects for schools and communities.

What Empowered Children Can Do

Give children a chance to choose a solutions driven approach. When they are informed and empowered they can make better decisions. They can begin taking action as they decrease pollution in many ways. Children can start reducing plastic use, they can do gardening with compost, conserve and do ecoart. Planning for the green future can become a funfilled adventure for them. Children can begin building environmental protection awareness in simple ways. They might even have new ideas for environmental projects.

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