Environmental Action Plan for Tomorrow

Partner with us as we stimulate an eco-friendly mindset in children

What is this about?

Due to the wide variety of problems that the world faces, such as, food insecurity,  global warming, deforestation, plastic pollution and other environmental issues that are increasing in intensity every day; we believe that preparing for the future is more important than ever before.

Our goal is to provide educational books and resources to schools and clubs that will stimulate the minds of children to think kindly about their environment.

Here’s how you can be a part of this:


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Why should you care?

It makes children aware...

Environmental children’s books like these being produced by Fun Writings can help to train future generations to love and care for the environment.

Becoming aware of what is at stake and how to participate in change is a big part of what we wish to accomplish with our children’s books.

It's great for social responsibility...

Partnering with this project shines a good light on businesses who partner with us as this is great for publicity, social responsibility, company eco-projects and overall being a part of the change in turning things around for the environment by starting with the younger generations.


Popular Environmental Books

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Children's books!

Our books are avenues to teach children about caring for the environment!

Meet the Founder

Our Founder and Manager, Denise Salmon is a creative writer, she began Fun Writings in 2010 after the need for children’s eco-friendly books was discovered. 

Since then, Fun Writings has expanded into many other areas.

We Care a Lot About the Environment

Help us make children more aware of global issues as well as environmental protection and solutions through our books.