Eco-Action Projects for Green Kids

Children can participate in environmental protection projects and learn hands-on methods for conserving resources at home and around their communities. Help your child or children pick a project to get started as they develop great green habits. The eco-action projects for green kids will help them with their plans for the green future. There are many more green activities for green kids to get involved in, you can read the articles found on . They will learn more about protecting the environment.

RainWater Collection

Children can create a simple rainwater collection system at home. You should challenge them to do something that is environmentally friendly. They can use something found around the house to set the catchment system. This can include PVC pipe connected to rain gutters along the edge of the roof. An adult can assist if the roof is too high. The funnel will lead water into a container. After adequate rainfall is collected, the water in the storage tank can be used to water plants and trees using a bucket or other small containers.

The amount of water you would pay for would be reduced. Plants are healthier when they are watered in this way. Your child or children can check on other ecofriendly tips found in articles on Helping them to plan for the green future is best at this time.


Children may or may not be familiar with recycling plastic bottles, paper, and tins, but teaching them about the importance of reducing waste by composting biodegradable materials is a great idea. This project can be easily done and it will produce great benefits when gardening. Composting also involves a small bit of chemistry, that balances the carbon and nitrogen ratios. This provides another element of learning. Children will need a simple container for the compost pile. If they don’t want to dig a hole in the ground, they should always use the correct ingredients.

Children can watch an engaging video lesson on composting on Youtube. They can learn more about the types of food scraps that should be used in the compost, and other benefits of doing composting. Currently the soil is polluted in many places and composting might help to restore the health of the soil where you are. Children will be preparing for the best way when they learn more about restoration of the environment. There has been so much pollution and degradation taking place.

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