Decreasing Environmental Pollution With Solutions

plastic bottle collection
plastic bottle recycling

Environmental pollution has solutions and more people will use them when they are informed. Enough is not being done to inform populations about the environmental pollution solutions. More people would be interested in becoming the change they need to see. If they knew about the changes they should make. There will be no need for beach clean up when we all put our waste in the correct place.

The micro plastic problem is getting worse and the air, soil and water is becoming more polluted. When we produce more plastic and do less recycling, reusing, repairing and reducing. The plastic pollution problem is getting worse. Microplastic was even found in breast milk. The burning of plastic is also another huge problem that is not getting much attention.

Helping Children to be More Aware

When more children are of the need for environmental care. They will begin planning to change their habits and do more to fix the problems they see. Each generation has polluted the earth more and more as time goes by. Government have not done enough to reduce fossil fuel use and all this needs to be discussed. The Funwritings eco-kids project is building awareness in a new and better way. Helping children to plan for their future in the best way.

Planning to Keep the Environment Clean

The eco-kids book Project on the funwritings website is helping children. Parents now have access to the environmental children’s books. They can easily help their children to be aware of the need for environmental care. While children learn about eco-friendly tips, they will develop green habits as they begin acting in new ways.

Green Activities are Important

We will be doing a lot more reusing, reducing and recycling as we plan to have a future that is secure. When we are protecting Nature we are protecting our own health. Children will develop green habits and begin getting involved in green activities. Since the eco-friendly children’s books are filled with environmental solutions as well. New environmental solutions that will cause children to think in a creative way are added to the videos and books for the kids often.

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