Creativity and the Waste to Wealth Plan

Waste to wealth or trash to cash are good concepts that will help us to see reduced pollution. It is important for us to tell our children about these ideas. With this in mind the funwritings website was developed. Now parents and teachers can easily order the eco-kids books for the many eco-friendly topics. Reusing, reducing and recycling plastic, tree planting and gardening are green activities children will like. They can now set up their own eco clubs and have a lot more fun while they protect the environment.

Waste to Wealth

Creativity can cause us to have transformed lives. No more will we be worried when we have problems. Instead, we will be thinking of many ways to solve problems or turning waste into wealth. There are parents who go out and collect old funrniture and refurbish them for resale. Young adults who can’t afford to purchase new furniture are always happy to buy from these parents. They also do composting, gardening, recycling, reusing and repurposing as they reduce pollution. The video below has some great ideas you can try.

Children for future

When children learn about earning from creative ideas, they will be ready to to face life in a positive way. Knowing they can always be learning new ways to make new things everyday. They might even earn from their inventions. They can also learn to save, when the make things instead of buying them. Children can make gifts, wall decorations, photo frames and many little items to use around the home. Saying yes to the waste to wealth idea and begin telling more children about it. Now that AI is taking away more jobs each day, our children should be planning to use creativity a lot more.


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