Climate Change Demands Change

Climate change demands change and some humans don’t want to feel the need to change. Most of us are comfortable with the way we are living and change is not something we planned for. We are comfortable with using single-use-plastic, driving vehicles that will pollute the air and doing all the other things to pollute the environment. The news in the last months have been overwhelming. With extreme weather events almost everywhere. There was extremely high surface tempertatures on the Ocean, flooding, heat waves, wildfires and record loss of sea ice in the Artic and Antartic.

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climate solution

Climate Solutions Might Help

Scientists warned for a long time, but they were ignored by many of our leaders. Many climate activists were even detained by police when they demonstrated. Since we can only benefit when climate solutions are used. It is time for each of us to start using the climate solutions given to us by the scientists. We can plant more trees, carpool more often, reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills. There are other eco-friendly tips we can use before it is too late.

Climate Action

Some children are ready to take action. They don’t want to continue on this track that will cause them to see worse days. A number of them are speaking out even though there are some adults don’t care. They believe the Earth will get back to normal one day.

Climate Denial

Believing Humans have not been doing anything to destroy the planet. Saying the change in climate happened before. Hoping the Earth will restore itself, as time goes by. These are the thoughts of the people who are in denial.

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