Climate Change and the Impact on Our Health

With 75% of youth being worried about the future. Even though solutions cause us to become the change we need to see. Each one of us can learn about environmental solutions and tell others. Climate optimism is possible. Even in the midst of disasters such as wildfires, heatwaves and flooding. If we keep on using the many solutions we have, we can make a difference. As we reduce our stress and improve our health.

The Eco Book Project Can Help

It is time for change, as climate change affects us in many ways. The kids can become the change they want to see. It is now possible for families to go green together. The children’s eco books are written with many rhymes and eco solutions. Parents and children can learn about green activities together. On the website awareness about the need for environmental care is being built in a new way.

How to Prepare for a Secure Future

Children can have more eco-kids books in schools and in their homes. More families will learn about the ways they will benefit from green living. They will begin reducing their bills and doing things in a new way so they can have less pollution. Climate Solutions will cause us to live sustainably. We will find many reasons to be hopeful, as we find ways to reduce pollution in many ways.

Going Green can make a Difference

Going green is not an option we can afford to ignore. The heatwaves, food insecurity, flooding and other catastrophic weather events we see happening can come to an end. If we restore ecosystems we have destroyed we will see a difference. The Mangroves and wetlands are important and more people should be told. They should not be allowed to keep on destroying the environment each day. More green jobs can be created as we learn to live in a new and better way.

natures beauty


Environmental education for children will cause us to prepare for the future in the best way. Funwritings is on the right path, helping more children to plan for the future in the greatest way. Your support will not be a burden to you, as you will be getting what you want as you contribute. You can be converted from climate pessimism to climate optimism. Let’s get busy.

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