Climate Activists Standing for the Poor

Standing up for the poor is not what many leaders seem to do anymore. There is talk about Climate justice and a fund to be set up for the funding of restoration. There is hope that poor people could be helped to recover from the devastation, caused by the terrible flooding and wild fires. Restoration of ecosystems, biodiversity and the lives of people could happen if Climate Justice got more attention.

When Will There be an end to Fossil Fuel use?

Ending the use of Fossil Fuel is the solution presented by scientists. Why would any Government continue financing fossil fuel use? Growing economies and then spending to repair damage done by floods and wildfires. There is a stagnant situation as communities are being pushed beyond adaptation. Biodiversity is being destroyed and poverty is increasing. Those who cause climate change, need to do more for the people who are being affected by it.

Climate Justice for the Poor

People and justice need to be at the centre of the conversations when leaders meet to talk about the climate issue. The huge profits made by the oil producing companies should be used to give suffering people a better life. Those profits should also be used to produce more clean energy. The future of the planet is more important than money sitting in the bank accounts of a few people.

Climate Action the Solution

Let us do more to make the future bright each day, by using less fossil fuel. When we refuse, repair, reuse, reduce and recycle we are doing our part. As we try to give children the life they deserve. Why should they only wait to see increased heat waves, flooding, landslides and droughts. They can begin using environmental solutions to make a difference.

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