Children Can Learn About Environmental Solutions and Sustainability

Children can protect Mother Earth
Children go green

At Fun Writings, we strive to create a world where everyone lives sustainably and accesses the best possible level of environmental wellness while achieving excellence in all other areas of life. With the support of generous donors, we have been able to create a positive shift in how adults and children become aware of the importance of environmental stewardship. One such effort is our eco-kids book project that helps children prepare for their future in the best way – something that proves increasingly popular as time passes.

girl in Garden
Girl in Garden

Now that we know how important it is for us to change the way we manage waste as we are the creatures who pollute the planet most. We should help our children to be more aware of the damage done by pollution and how they can stop destroying the planet and live in a sustainable way. We don’t have time to wait. Change is needed and it is needed now.

We should not wait until more places sink and more wildfires destroy the habitats of the poor innocent creatures who help to protect our ecosystems. Environmental education for children did not get enough attention in the past and we see what happened because of that choice. It is time for us to make the necessary changes and plan for a bright future. Our children are depending on us.

family enjoying nature

Children can Plant Trees

Many children are not told about how crops are grown, they only know about shopping in Supermarkets. Their parents didn’t think it was important for them to be exposed to the green lifestyle. In the face of a looming food shortage. They would feel lost, wondering if they will ever eat again if they can’t learn how to plant anything. When they would need to feel this way, if they knew how easy it is to plant a seed and watch a plant grow.

When children learn in an organic way, as they enjoy the great outdoors. It is much easier for them to appreciate the food they eat and they will get a better understanding of how nature produces the things they need to be healthy.

It will not be long before they will be doing more to protect the earth as they try to tell others about all they have learned. When they have these children’s books with the environmental protection messages, they will share them with their friends and cause more of their friends to be interested in protecting the environment as well.

tree planting made simple
Ricardo’s tree

Children can Learn about Conservation

When children begin learning about conservation, they will turn off lights more often use less water. They will start refusing to use plastic straws and use less single-use-plastic. Children Can also reuse plastic and assist with recycling as they do more to reduce plastic pollution in their communities. Tell them how important it is for us to conserve our natural resources so we won’t be left in desperation in the future. Tell them how the use of renewables can help us to save the planet and have more money to improve their lives.

going green
Green kids book

Kids Can Prepare for a Green Future

Children can start having the conversation about the many thing we will doing when we want to keep the air and water clean. They can develop great eco-friendly habits and help others to do the same. They can learn about green energy and what make it best for our planet. How trees keep the air clean and all they can do to protect water. Helping them to plan for a green future is the best thing all adults can do. Now that we know how important sustainability is; and how good it will be for them to grow up and develop sustainable businesses.

No need to continue contributing to environmental degradation when waste can be used to make excellent contributions to the economy of nations. These children’s environmental books will transform the way children learn about plastic pollution reduction and sustainability. You can change the way we all plan for the future by simply ordering a copy.

children's environment book
save the Turtles and the planet


We cannot allow another generation to grow up with no knowledge of the importance of environmental protection. They would simply keep working towards extinction, as they would believe we have no solutions. We have developed too many great plans to make the future bright and there is no reason for us to wait any longer before we pass those plans over to our children. They don’t need to use harmful chemicals to kill more Bees, destroy more ecosystems, pollute the rivers and oceans more and increase deforestation.

We can and we must help them to develop the best environmentally friendly habits, so they can pass them on to their kids when they grow up. It is the only way for them to thrive and for the planet to survive. Children need to understand how Nature protects them when they do more to protect it. The kids ecofriendly books are here parents can easily purchase them and give them as gifts to all the kids they know. They are in eBook and printed format, preparing for a green future has never been this easy before.

About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. This caused her to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the future of the planet.

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