Children – Building Environmental Protection Awareness and Planning for a Green Future

The building of Environmental Protection Awareness has been going on for a number of years. However, the earth is still polluted and climate change is still causing increased poverty and death. This has caused me to believe in the importance of a change in the way we empower children by telling them about environmental pollution and other environmental issues. We need to give them simplified information about the plans we are making for added sources of renewable energy. I believe they can begin spreading the word to all the other children and the people they meet. This will cause a change in the way we manage waste and plant or replant trees.

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We have been hearing about going green for years and the policy makers are still not doing enough to cause a reduction in pollution in many countries. With a change in children’s environmental education we will be on the right track, the one that will lead to the green future we want to see. We can show our leaders that we can make our own plans and make our own future bright.

Some Children are Willing to Fight Climate Change

Some children are interested in saving the planet and they are joining environmental clubs to learn about the plans made to reduce pollution and improve the food supply chain. Since it is clear that the adults who keep on polluting the environment, learned from the generation who passed on the current plan that are being used. If we are to have a generation who will reduce pollution and do more to save the planet, environmental education for children will need more attention.

Parents and teachers will need to find creative ways to tell children about carbon capture, tree planting, green house gas emission, air pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution reduction, renewables and the other environmental issues we are planning to handle in a better way.

The Importance of the Eco-Kids Book Project

Building Environmental Protection Awareness in a new and better way has been the mission of the Eco-kids project, over the years. The books published for the children were written in simple language and children are beginning to understand what they can do to live sustainably and plan for a bright future.

The books that were published before, were written about reusing, reducing and recycling plastic, using renewables, tree planting and how the sea creatures are protected in the Mangroves and in the oceans or seas. Children are understanding what happens when we learn about important eco-friendly tips and develop environmentally friendly habits.

The next set of books that are waiting to be published are written about waste separation, gardening, carbon capture, composting, conservation and other topics. There is a need for more support from adults. The eco-kids book project has made it easy for parents and teachers to pass on great information about pollution reduction and other eco-friendly ideas to children. I am sure you won’t mind supporting it. You will be making it easy for children to plan for the future they need to look forward to.

Adults have simply purchased Fiverr gigs and book or eBooks on and the money they spent was used to publish the children’s environment books that are being sold now. We hope to get to a place where more free books will be available for teachers and children in the future. Currently there are a number of topics that is still in need of attention and the children need information about them. Advertising the project is expensive as well, currently the books are not being advertised enough and the added support of the project is needed.

How Children Assist with Building Environmental Protection Awareness

Children can give written information about environmental protection to adults and other children when their parents or other relatives give them extra books to give away to their friends. These kids will enjoy spreading the word about the need to protect the environment and save the planet.

Children are aware of the damage done to their countries when hurricanes, wildfires, floods and other catastrophic weather events occur. They would like to see a reduction in the frequency of weather events and they will be willing to do their part.

The air pollution, water pollution and food shortage affects them too. When they are aware of the environmental solutions they can use to decrease pollution and improve health, I believe they will be willing to act.

Carbon Capture and Trees

Now that it is known that our forests and trees are playing such a significant role in capturing carbon and improving air quality. I am sure you will want to see reduced deforestation and more tree planting taking place. No more should we be raising children who are unaware of the solutions for these environmental issues. Preparing for the future should become all about the new way to empower children by giving them solutions.

Now that important information about carbon capture can be simplified and children can be taught about the role that trees are playing more adults should participate in the education of the next generation.

We all want to have a future that is bright, and restoring the earth to the way it was before industrialisation began should be on the minds of everyone on the planet. There needs to be a reduction in the number of persons who die from air pollution each year.

InAir pollution
Air Pollution

Industrialisation and Increased Pollution

Environmentalists now believe that industrialisation has done more damage to the earth than we think. Our children who are not yet addicted to life in the fast lane, can learn about life on earth in a new and better way. They don’t need to believe that everything modern is best.

There are people who believe it is simply impossible for us to go back to living in the way people lived before industrialisation began. Even though it is very obvious that we cannot continue destroying the planet and ignoring the cries of the young climate activists. It is best for us to do more to reduce pollution as we create more green jobs gradually.

Eventually we might have the green future we need to see.

Why Children Should be Involved in Planning for a Green Future

Building Environmental Protection Awareness along with the children might be our only solution at this time. Now that AI is removing more jobs and causing the future to be more uncertain. Those who are planning for a green future while they build environmental protection awareness, will be creating new green jobs. They will be investing in clean energy, farming, recycling and other environmentally friendly actions instead of waiting for a recession and a huge collapse.

Our survival might depend on our ability to plant our own food , use clean energy in our homes and living in a more sustainable way. Job loss and food shortage could continue getting worse. With all the changes taking place, as technology becomes more advanced, our children will need to prepare for the future with a plan to go green on their minds.


Building environmental protection awareness in the best way will give us hope. It is possible that we will be earning in new ways when more recycling, repairing and repurposing is being done. With the use of more renewable energy, wind turbines and solar panels will be needed and skilled workers will be needed. Children can begin thinking about the green future and start planning to do these jobs when they become adults.

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About the Author: Denise Salmon is a professional children’s writer and creative writer who is a freelancer offering her online writing services on Fiverr. She has over 400 5-star reviews on the pages where her books and Fiverr gigs are being sold online. Her love for Nature has caused her to be concerned about the children and their future. She thought she had to make a plan to help everyone on the planet, to do more for the children.

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