The Cause:
Environmental Books for Children


Goal of Project

Due to the wide variety of problems that the world faces, such as, food insecurity,  global warming, deforestation, plastic pollution and other environmental issues that are increasing in intensity every day.

I believe preparing for the future in a new way is more important than ever before. 

I did research and found that environmental clubs, are in some schools and there are teachers who are interested in accessing children’s eco-friendly books, which would aid in disseminating information on environmental protection and eco-friendly solutions. 

I also plan to reach out to primary level schools in the other places with the same view in mind. I have written a new book titled “The No Waste Hero” I am seeking sponsorship to defray the publishing and printing cost of this book, which will amount to ja$250,000.00, for the first eighty copies. 

Your company Logo will be printed on the covers of these books and this will cause the green image of your organization to grow. This book will assist children in their preparation to live sustainably as they implement the zero waste plan. 

I can be contacted on social media if you are in need of more information.

Hello friend,

I would greatly appreciate a few moments of your time. 

By way of introduction, I am a freelance writer and published children’s books author. One of my books has been approved by the Ministry of Education, as recommended reading material in Jamaican schools, and I have written other books that were approved by my publisher. 

My books are also available on the website. I am also a Level 2 writer on with over 440+ 5 star reviews. 

I have working on a series of environmental books, as I want to build environmental protection awareness in a new way.

How You Benefit

Clearly, should I receive this sponsorship, I will gladly brand all “Our No Waste Hero” books, both printed and digital, with the logo of your organisation. 

In addition, I would be honoured to give your organisation the opportunity to present the books the free copies you receive from Funwritings to the schools, if the organisation desires that. 

If I may say so, I think this would be a great opportunity to boost the green image of your organization and, to reinforce the company’s positive image. 

Please feel free using the form below or by calling me at (876) 337-5273 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best Regards, 

Denise Salmon

Manager, Fun Writings


80 initial copies of “Gavin the Gardener”


Logo printed in physical and digital copies of the book. Book presentation done by company or organisation if desired.

Expression of Interest

Thank you for reading! Complete the form below to let us know you want to be a part of this initiative.