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Overpopulation and the Environment

Is it overpopulation that causes poverty or is it our inability to share?  If we could find better ways to communicate and be more caring, would it be possible for us to take better care of the environment?

Overpopulation causes excess waste and the need for better waste management. The questions I ask myself as I hope there will be a change in the way we think about our planet and what will happen if we don’t find a way to stop being so materialistic and selfish, so we can do the right thing and have clean drinking water and air, maybe we could stop contaminating our own food with our waste.


The need for wealth is ruining our health. The rich countries are mainly the ones who have poor air quality. However, they won’t stop producing because they don’t want their economic growth to decline.

It is as if so many big businesses don’t care about the environment, they only think about profits. Climbing the ladder of success is all about having more stuff and poor health it seems.

Plastic Pollution Problem

Plastic has made our lives better in many ways as it has kept our food safe and made the fast food business grow, but now it is destroying our environment and some persons will wonder if there was a reduction in the size of the population on earth, would we still have the problem we now have with plastic pollution?

Would we have such a problem if there were less persons living in cities? Should we encourage more persons to move to rural areas and live off the land so they can breathe fresh air and use less plastic?
Reducing plastic use is another great plan that is being promoted at this time, but helping persons to be more aware of the plastic pollution problem and getting them to change the way they discard their waste has been a challenge.

Solving the Plastic Pollution Problem

Bringing up children who are aware of the plastic pollution problem and telling them all they can do to solve it, is the best way to deal with the problem. Parents will learn about the importance of protecting the environment when they are helping their children to be more aware.
he only way we can manage the plastic pollution problem is by changing the way we live, and the best way for this change to happen is by bringing up our children in a different way, we need to tell them more about proper waste management and tell them what they need to know about protecting the environment. We can no longer allow our children to do the same things we did when we were growing up.


If we could encourage more persons to move out of urban areas would there still be a problem with over population? This is a question we all need to ask ourselves. We have been saying city life is best for too long and now that we have contamination of water and food because of the way we live, it is time for us to start thinking in a new way.

Spreading out the population is something every Government on the planet should be trying to do. There would be new ways of learning and earning, this would allow economies to grow and job creation would be done in a better way. Getting rid of the overpopulation problem and the plastic pollution problem can be done with a few simple changes. We just need to be willing to adjust before it is too late

Telling Children about Reducing Plastic Use


We can’t afford to do nothing about overpopulation and the plastic pollution problem and changing the way we educate our children about protecting the environment is very important. So let us get it done. This site
is equipped with all the books the children will need when you are ready to help them to be aware of all they can do to protect the environment. The eBook

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Press Release and more Information about the Project

Press Release:

A New Way to look at Environmental Protection

Since all we have done to spread the word about the importance of protecting the environment has not brought us the required results; I believe you will agree with me when I say it is time for us to approach the problem in a new way.
This new and fun way of getting this important message out is urgently needed, as Global warming has been causing more hurricanes, droughts and the sea is filled with plastic and other things that are harmful to the sea creatures. Added to that, the children have started to speak out about the terrible state of the environment, as they worry about their future.

This new approach I have been working on; includes a series of ebooks for children. The stories in these ebooks are designed to inform children about the things they can do to change the direction in which we are now going. They will see how the way we are now living, affects the environment and how it feels to have clean beaches and rivers etc. Even though the stories are written about the fun activities, they can get involved in and beautiful places they can visit.

Some of these ebooks have been published on and as I am now raising funds by selling the ebooks and fiverr gigs on my website, as I raise funds for the publishing cost of the other stories so they can be published as well. I am sure you will gladly support this very important project. As we work towards having a clean environment, without the need for ‘beach cleanup days’ and other similar activities. A bright future for our children will be another fun activity for families as parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will enjoy reading these ebooks for children, as we all learn about this important topic together.



There is more information here about the project for the children and the environment. Show the children how much you care about their future, in a new and creative way.

Having a clean and healthy environment won’t be out of reach anymore. Let’s do more to protect our beaches, prevent soil erosion, protect our rivers and work towards having clean air. You won’t have a problem contributing to this awesome project for the children, as you will get a lot in return. It is so easy for you to order e-books and fiverr fiverr gigs , right here on the site.

There are great ebooks here for the children as well. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose, when you contribute to this project.

Now that more is being done with plastic waste, let us tell the children all about recycling and reusing plastic today.




Let us learn more about reusing plastic as we teach our children , now that you know it is an easy thing to do..






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Children who Care about Protecting The Environment

When children care about protecting the environment they should be encouraged

Adults should never brush them aside because of their age

They are thinking about their future and how they will manage to live

Listen to them, they have a lot to give

They know their future will be bright

When they treat the environment right



Children are not as strong as adults and so, they are unable to overcome the effects of air pollution and water pollution, as adults do, because of this many children die each year when they become ill. The children who are aware of this have decided that they want to become more active in the fight to protect the environment. They do all they can to spread awareness about the issues persons face when the protection of the environment is ignored. These children in this video below, emphasize the fact that we are all in the problem together as we are citizens on one planet. And our actions affect each other, so we should be more mindful of the things we do. As we can cause problems for other persons when we discard our waste in the wrong way every day. When we care about the environment we won’t use so much single-use plastic, and we will do a lot more to reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. Now that we know of the Pacific Garbage Patch and the tiny pieces of plastic that get’s into our food when they are eaten by the fish before we eat them. We all know that toxins are not good for our health and we need to have a healthy environment if we plan to stay healthy.

Polluted water takes the lives of many children every year and this has caused more children to be willing to do their part to protect the environment, they should be supported in their effort to change the world in their own way. Whenever they form environmental clubs, parents should support them in every way as we all know that the issue they are dealing with has become a very serious one. Global warming is causing the Sealevel to rise and islands are getting smaller. Persons who live on Continents should do more for the environment in an effort to protect the persons who live on islands. We are all humans on earth and we need to care about each other’s well being.

Children who Join Environmental Clubs

Parents should encourage their children to join environmental clubs so they can become more aware of the many things they can do to protect the environment even though there are children who will not need any encouragement. There is a need for a product that is biodegradable to replace plastic now. We never know if the person who will design this new product will not be a child who has seen plastic pollution and wants to do something about it. Our children are very smart and we should equip them with the knowledge about the state of the environment so they can start thinking about creating solutions for the problems they see as they make plans for their own future.

You will be happy to know that there are many young environmentalists out there already and they are finding ways to spread the word about how important it is to protect the environment.

A List of Organisations for Environmental Protection

1. YES a group that believes in connecting, inspiring and collaborating with young and intergenerational change makers. To build thriving just and balanced ways of life for all.

They value emotional, physical and spiritual health and well being and wants to help persons to become more aware of how special the earth and all humans are.

2. Grass Roots and Shoots an environmental program for youths that was founded my Jane Goodall

3. Compassionate Kids is an organization that encourages kids to volunteer and be active in doing all they can to protect the environment.

4. Kids for Saving Earth: offers a curriculum and resources for parents and educators

5. Eco-Kids children have lots of fun in this organization with games and activities.

6. Kids For a Clean Environment is a club with over 2000 chapters and over 300,000 members in many places around the world.

7. Earth Force is a website that focuses on efforts by children who want to actively do more to protect their environment in their communities. This website is designed to help children and communities to get connected.

8. Children of the Earth provides resources online about protecting the environment, they also provide programs.

9.  Ecology has lots of information for everyone about environmental protection, but there is a section that is designed for kids.

10. Children and Nature Network is an organization helps children to become teachers and leaders.

Empowering children to become responsible adults is an activity every adult should want to be involved in. You can contact these organizations and do your part to make the environment healthy.

Now that fun writings have made it easy for information to be easily given to children so they can learn about all the important issues that they will need to pay attention to if they want to live a happy and healthy life on the planet. You can order e-books or fiverr gigs as you support a project that provides great information for children so they can learn about protecting the environment and more.



Children are concerned about the many hurricanes that take lives and destroy property every year in many places. Give them the information they need so they can be equipped to make a difference in whatever way they can. They won’t feel as if they are just sitting and waiting for the situation with Global Warming and the rising sea level to get worse. A lot can change when even small things are done to make things better. You may be amazed at what can happen when there is an effort to encourage children to stop littering streets and use less single-use plastic.

It is time for everyone on the planet to become aware of the things that are being done to destroy the environment so there can be a greater effort by persons to get rid of  bad habits and replace them with good ones so that children can be taught to treat the environment right just by doing what they see adults do. However, since the situation has gotten out of hand this creative way of providing great ebooks for the children to read about the topic will help to make it possible for them to prepare for a bright future, as they try to find solutions for the problems they are now facing because of the bad decisions that were made by adults.




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Reusing Plastic in Many Ways

If spending less at the stores and protecting the environment is something you are interested in doing a lot more of. Then actively participating in this project is something that you will find to be very rewarding.

You will be helping children to learn more about protecting the environment in many ways. Reusing plastic is a great thing to do and learning more about it will help both children and adults to protect the only planet we can call home.

Let’s look at the many ways in which we can reuse plastic and create new products as we reduce the amount of money we spend at the stores and do more for the persons who need our assistance.

Plastic Bag Mats
Plastic bags can be used to make mats as they have been given to homeless persons, they can be slept on, it is better than sleeping on cold, hard concrete.

These mats can also be used in pet beds, they can be washed and they dry very quickly.

Plastic Bottles used to make Buildings
Plastic bottles are filled with dirt or sand and used instead of blocks to build houses and other structures.
In some countries, children attend classes in rooms made out of plastic bottles and concrete. Far less concrete is used to make these buildings and they provide shelter for the people who need them.

Reuse Plastic Containers

Some plastic containers can be used to store food in the refrigerator. Persons won’t be buying other plastic containers at the store as much as they did before. They will store leftovers in the containers they have washed after the product that was in them when they were bought is finished. You’ll be saying, “why should you buy containers when you already have them?” Plastic containers or jars can be used to store our pens, pencils, markers and a lot of other things that we use when we are working on projects in our homes or at our workplaces.

Craft ideas for Environmental Clubs
The bottom of soda bottles can be painted and used to make craft items in Art classes and environmental clubs at schools. The amount of decorations we buy for Christmas trees can be drastically reduced when we use the ones we make from used plastic bottles.

The benefits of Reusing Plastic
There are many other things we can do with plastic waste, let’s try to learn about new ideas every day as we work towards having a bright future.
Reducing the amount of plastic that goes to landfills will help us to have better air quality as well.

Project for the Children and the Environment

Telling children about all the great new products made from plastic waste is a part of the project that is being worked on here. More books about these topics will be done when Fiverr gigs and e-books are ordered here. Your contribution to this project will change the way children think about plastic waste and how it is reused. You’ll be getting great articles for your blogs and magazines, lyrics for your songs and jingles, online advertising and more starting at US$5. There are so many benefits for you to get right here. Let us work together to have a clean and healthy environment.

Reusing plastic is something we need to think about more often as we find more creative ideas and new ways every day to reuse plastic and try to reduce the amount of plastic that finds it’s way to our seas and oceans. Let’s not wait until there is more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish before we change the way we treat the environment.

Children will be creative and find many ways to reuse plastic in many ways; they will also share these ideas with their family and friends as they spread the word about the many ways in which plastic waste can be reused.

Click here to see the e books and fiverr gigs for the project


Remember reusing plastic so less of it is burned in landfills will help us to have better air quality and less of the illnesses caused by the inhalation of toxic fumes. You will be protecting the food you eat also, as the toxins find it’s way into your food when plastic is burned in landfills and the rain falls and spreads the toxins into the soil.  When we protect the environment we protect our own health so we can spend less time and money at the Doctor’s office. When we protect the environment our beaches won’t be littered with waste, we will be able to enjoy more great vacations with family and friends.


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How to order more Children’s Books for Environmental Protection Awareness


A child who knows why it is important to protect the environment
Can easily grow up to have a future that is decent
As a clean environment will be something he or she knows all about
They will have hope for a bright future, as they help others and remove their doubt

Spreading environmental protection awareness has never been this important before
Empowered children can do and say a lot more
They can tell others about having a future that is bright
When they talk about treating the environment right

Let’s empower our children together
So we all can take care of the environment, so that life can be better
Remember our environment is a great asset that we need to protect
To our trees, air, water and soil we should show some respect

Supporting a project for the children and the environment is easy now
Fun writings and things is more than happy to show you how
You can simply order ebooks and fiverr gigs on this site
As you support a project that is designed to make the future bright

Don’t allow this opportunity to pass you by
One day the children will ask you why
What happened to the fish, when they are not in the Sea
Let’s protect our environment, as it protects you and me


When we empower our children with the knowledge they need to create a bright future for themselves and their loved ones. We are showing them how much we care
We are opening their eyes before it is too late for them to do anything about the problems we have today.

There are places where there is so much smog that people wear masks when they walk on the streets. People are dying because of the polluted air they breathe, it is time for us to tell our children the truth about what life will be like for them if nothing changes in the way we treat our environment.


Let’s not wait any longer, when you can contribute to this project for the children and the environment by simply ordering great service for your self and your businesses and ebooks. You will be contributing to the publishing cost of more awesome books about environmental protection for the kids. They have been learning about English, mathematics, Science and more, but they are not learning enough about the importance of protecting the environment and you can simply change that today.

When they know about all the simple things they can do for the environment to make their own future bright, they will be happy to make the simple adjustments in their lives. They will be happy to take the bus and carpool instead of driving in half-empty cars every day. They will pay attention to recycling, reducing and reusing and this will help parents to save cash, as they will be spending less money on a lot of things.

When plastic bottles and covers are used to make toy cars and other things for children to play with parents will spend less on toys, this is just one way in which parents are saving as they teach children about the impact of plastic on the environment.

Having the right books about environmental protection awareness for children is the right thing for parents to invest in at this time. Empowered children will know what they can do for the earth, as they will be thinking about living a long and healthy life. Cancer is on the rise because of the way we have treated our environment. It is now necessary for us to eat organic food and buy more products that are packaged in biodegradable packaging. I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say, it is time for us to tell our children why it is good for them to learn about treating the environment in a better way.

The benefits they will get from learning about protecting the environment is great. Don’t allow them to learn all the bad ways people treat the environment now, when you can easily tell them how to do the things they can do to turn things around and head in the right direction when it comes on to having a healthy environment.

We can all work together and make the changes we need to make before it is too late, let’s get started today. Our children are depending on us , so we need to do our part. Don’t allow them to say we had the opportunity but we did nothing.

You can click on the book covers below:

california organic farming<img src="" alt="california organic farming" width="800" height="800" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-193"/<img src="" alt="california organic farming" width="800" height="800" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-193"/>

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Top 10 benefits of Environmental Protection for kids

Children are naturally curious and most of them like the outdoors a lot. They like playing many games with balls, bats and other objects. There are some children who even like bugs and other small creatures. It is good for them to learn about environmental protection awareness at this early stage before they start developing bad habits. When this is done we will see a decrease in the degradation of the environment as children will not litter streets and they will know what to do in order to keep the environment healthy, so that life on earth can continue in a sustainable way. They will also grow up and become responsible
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citizens who will do more to protect the environment.

Children who are aware will act Responsibly
1.Children will turn off lights when they are not needed, they will want to help their parents to reduce their electricity consumption and reduce their countries oil bill. When they know all the facts pertaining to oil importation and the benefits they will be getting when they conserve.

Why Kids will be Interested in Environmental Protection Awareness

2. Children will want to start thinking about their own future as early as possible. When they become aware of the things they can do for the environment. They will know that they are doing something to make their own future bright. For example, when they know how plastic hurts the marine animals in so many ways and how it might cause them to go extinct after a while. They will help to put more plastic waste into recycling bins and get involved in more trash to cash projects. So they can help to reduce the amount of plastic that gets washed down to the seas or oceans whenever the rain falls. Allowing our waste to destroy the lives of other creatures on the planet is really unfair. Children will always want to protect our beaches as well. They enjoy going to the beach and having fun, they won’t want to do anything that will destroy beaches and put an end to their beach trips.

Increased Creativity
3. Children will start learning to be creative when they participate in the trash to cash projects. They will learn to make a lot of new things, like toys for themselves and others.They will also learn to make craft items for their teachers and their parents as well. They will grow up to be more caring and generous. Giving away their craft items will be something that children with like doing as they find new ideas to create new craft items every day.

Spreading the news about Environmental Awareness

4. Children are always eager to tell their friends about their experiences, this will cause them to spread the word about protecting the environment a lot. Soon all the children and the adults they know will want to do more for the environment, as children can be very persuasive when they want to get something done and parents won’t want to be the ones who treat the environment badly and set bad examples for their kids.

Toxins and Our Health

5.Children who know how the burning of plastic and other waste can release toxins into the air and cause them to have respiratory illnesses; will want to do all they can to help to reduce the amount of toxic waste that goes into the garbage at their homes.

Assisting with waste Separation

6. Children who are aware of how important it is to protect the environment will assist their parents with the separation of waste at their homes and at their schools; by putting plastic waste in the right bins and organic waste in another bin. They will even want to plant their own gardens and do their own composting. They will also help their parents to find products that are packaged in a biodegradable material when they go shopping.

Children and Tree Planting

7. Children who are involved in projects for environmental protection will know how important tree planting is. They will know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen so we can have clean air to breath, added to the fact that they produce fruits for us as well. They will want to plant seeds and watch plants grow, and see that as a very fascinating experience.

Reducing the need for Oil

8. Children who know how important it is to protect the environment will do more to reduce the amount of oil-related products used by their families. They will not mind when their parents decide to organize carpools or take the bus to go places. They will also reduce the amount of electricity they use by turning off the lights and the television when they are not being used.

Not Allowing Creatures to go Extinct
9. Children who want to learn about how they can have a bright future by protecting the environment; will understand how important it is for humans to do their part to protect the lives of the many creatures on the planet; so they won’t go extinct. These creatures like the Bee helps with pollination and the growth of many plants. Whenever some creatures go extinct our food supply is affected and that cannot be a good thing.

Interest in the Products made from Recycled Plastic
10. Children will be interested in learning about all the new products that are made from recycled plastic and how they are sold for less as it costs less to produce new plastic from used plastic than from oil. This causes a reduction in the amount of oil that is shipped and a reduction in the number of oil spills that occurs. Reducing oil spills will reduce the damage done to the marine animals and fish, and cause our oceans and seas to be less toxic, so the fish we eat will be healthy.

Environmental protection awareness will affect the lives of all humans on the planet, as toxins damage our bodies when they get into our food, water, and air. Keeping our environment clean is important and it is something we need to tell our children about more often. So let’s start in a very easy way to help our children to become friends of the environment. They can start reading books about this extremely important topic more often when you support the project for the children and the environment on this site. A healthy environment keeps us healthy, let’s get that message to our children, so they will start working towards having a bright future?

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Trash To Cash- Environmental Protection Plan

Finding many ways to turn our trash into cash should be our mission every day

As we show our children how to live in a sustainable way

There are a lot of great things we can do with waste these days

Changing trash to cash is an idea that really pays</stro

The Benefits

We can reduce the number of persons affected by of mosquito-borne diseases, toxic fumes in the air, the amount we spend on the products we buy and so much more when we turn our trash into cash.

It can’t be good for us to be too busy to pay attention to the way we dispose of our waste, so we litter our streets and continue to allow our waste to pile up in the seas and oceans or we keep on destroying our health when we burn our waste and toxic fumes produce acid rain and cause us to have bad air quality.

Now that it has been proven that there are many ways in which we can save our planet when we become aware of the things we can do to earn cash from our trash. We should be passing on this trash to cash message to our children in the best way we can.

Children are constantly acting like their parents, so it is always good for adults to do the right things so that children can develop good habits. Finding ways to turn trash into cash can become a great family project; one in which the whole family can get involved in, as they keep on finding new ways to create new products from their waste.

Environmental Club Projects
Environmental Clubs can develop projects with the aim of finding new ideas every day, as they create more new products from waste. A trash to cash project will be very interesting and it will keep club members busy and productive. As they make pen holders, beautiful decorations and a lot more new products from waste.

In some country’s soda cans are sold and persons are able to earn, it would be good if all companies that sell their products in plastic bottles would pay for bottles when they are returned by consumers. Making money can motivate people to do things they don’t normally do, and it would be a great way for companies to show that they care about their customers as they care about the environment. However we should still take all plastic bottles to the recycling depot in our area as we wait for companies to changchange the way they do business.

Think About This Before You Discard Electronics
Your old cell phones, laptops, computers and other electronic equipment should never be discarded in dumps. There are toxic substances in them and the soil is polluted when these toxins are released, these toxins get into the rivers whenever the rain falls and they hurt the creators there. It is best to sell them to companies who will buy them, as they still have good parts, even when they are not working properly anymore. There are technicians who might be able to repair them also and repairing them will cost less than replacing them. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, isn’t this a good way to look at life?

Using Plastic Containers
There are a lot of ways in which we can use plastic containers after we have washed them to get out the remnants of the product that was in them before, they can be used to make decorations for our Christmas trees at the end of the year. They can also be used to store small items so they won’t scatter on the floor and create problems for us. When beads get scattered on the ground they can cause us to fall, but a plastic container can be used to store them, and you won’t need to buy a container at the store for them.


When we see using our waste to generate income as something that we can do because of the many benefits, we will begin telling our children more about the great ideas and there will be less air, soil and water pollution. Children will grow up to become responsible citizens who won’t spend on unnescesary items that will only end up in the many dumping sites to create more toxic fumes.

Children who know how important it is for us to prolong the life of our things so they won’t get burned, will be kind. They will find a way to give the things they don’t use anymore to someone who needs them. They will meet a lot more people in communities and spread the word about environmental protection as well or they can easily give them to Charities. The world is in need of more kindness and our trash to cash projects can teach children the value of kindness. You can spread the word about Environmental Protection Awareness in a very easy way now, with special books for the childrenchildren. So let’s do our part.

A Healthy Environment
Having a healthy environment is something we need to all work towards, and getting the children involved will be a very rewarding exercise, so don’t keep putting off change. Let us do more for our environment, as we always want to be healthy and only a healthy environment will keep us healthy and happy.

Remember you can support the project for the children and the environment at any time by ordering ebooks and fiverr gigs ebooks and fiverr gigs so there will be more books about environmental protection for the children. Informed children will not litter streets and discard things that they could pass on to other people who are in need of it.

101 (2)