Plastic Pollution Problem and the Ocean

If Manufacturers could decide to change the way they earn More of us would be forced to learn How we could carry reusable utensils with us every day So we could be treating the environment in a better way The plastic pollution problem is a serious one that we must fix We can’t affordContinue reading “Plastic Pollution Problem and the Ocean”

Little Environmentalists Will Reduce Your Bills

Little girls and boys Will ask for less toys When they’re thinking like environmentalists do They will do a lot to reduce your bills too They will turn off lights and unplug unused appliances and equipment As they constantly learn how they can take care of the environment Little environmentalists will like planting trees TheyContinue reading “Little Environmentalists Will Reduce Your Bills”

Music Monday

Music has been keeping us happy for many many years We listen to music when we want to forget our cares Life without music is dreary The best thing we can do is listen to music when we are weary So get ready to sing your own song So you can be happy all dayContinue reading “Music Monday”

Saving the cash as we Protect the Environment

When we show Mother Earth That we know her worth We protect the environment and save We have extra cash to spend after we gave Yes, we gave some good advice to persons out there We told them how good it is to care We reduced our electricity bill when we unplugged turned off appliancesContinue reading “Saving the cash as we Protect the Environment”

Solutions and What They Do

A solution can always be found So don’t allow problems to hang around When we are stubborn and cold And don’t want to work with others before we get old Not realizing that we waste precious time As listening so we can follow great advice is not a crime Solving problems quickly so we canContinue reading “Solutions and What They Do”

Oh Sunshine

When you go away we get so cold I am truly grateful that you won’t get old The Butterflies simply go away At the end of the day And there is just gloom Even in the room We can’t wait to see you again And thank you for coming out after the rain Oh SunshineContinue reading “Oh Sunshine”

Meet Moorice- Let’s Protect the Environment in a New Way

Let’s protect the environment in a new and better way Now that we want to see that brighter day When plastic pollution is a thing of the past We will all know about the happiness that will last Deforestation will no longer be a problem When even the children love the trees and know howContinue reading “Meet Moorice- Let’s Protect the Environment in a New Way”

What does the Future Hold For Our Planet?

We can only look at current events and wonder what will happens next What if we are heading towards a major catastrophe that will wipe us out What can we do to remove our doubt If nothing is done to stop Global warming, won’t the planet get too hot for us to live here afterContinue reading “What does the Future Hold For Our Planet?”

More Persons At The Beach On The Clean Up Day

More persons have started participating in the activities when there is a beach clean up day I noticed that when I went with the organizers recently, people are trying to treat the environment in a better way They got their gloves and garbage bags and filled them with waste material of all kind But IContinue reading “More Persons At The Beach On The Clean Up Day”

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