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Jamaica Fixing the Plastic Pollution Problem

The Jamaican Government has decided to fix the plastic pollution problem by banning some plastic shopping bags and plastic straws on the 1st of January 2019. A number of Jamaicans are supporting the ban, at the economy depends on tourism and plastic pollution is threatening the people’s livelihood more and more every day.

Even though Beach Clean up days have become big events and many Jamaicans go out and pick up the plastic waste they find on the beaches, a lot of plastic still gets into the sea. This does great harm to marine animals and humans as well.

Now that we know about microplastics and how it damages the human body, more Jamaicans are willing to rethink, refuse, reduce, recycle and reuse plastic.;

The plastic ban is being used as the beginning of a public education campaign about the damage that single-use plastic and other plastic products do to the environment so that persons can be aware of the effect their actions will have on their own health and well being.

Refusing plastic 

We like using plastic cups, plates, spoons, straws, and other single-use plastic products and throwing them away without thinking about what happens to them after they go in the bin. We would like to think that the sea is just another disposal site and it will keep on taking all our waste and nothing bad will happen.

However, now that we know this is not so, let us change our way of thinking so we can be healthy and pass on good habits to our kids.



Changing the way we treat the environment is necessary and we can develop a lot of new jobs when we reuse plastic. Let us start embracing the change so that we can start looking towards a bright future for ourselves and our children. We can’t continue discarding our waste in an irresponsible way and expect to have a clean environment. Most of us don’t like the job of collecting waste, so we should treat our waste in a better way, we shouldn’t be litterbugs and we need to stop buying food and other products that is packaged in too much plastic.

We can support the businesses that help us to protect the environment and show the big businesses that we want a change in the way they treat the environment. We can change the way the manufacturers think when we change the way we shop; so let us get started. We can refuse to buy a lot of the things we buy now and save a lot of cash.

Solving Plastic Pollution Problem

The plastic pollution problem is not very hard to fix, we can do more recycling and create more new products with used plastic. Many new businesses can be developed and the time to do this is now. Think of the many teens who leave schools every year and search for jobs in the world and then you will see why this is important.

When you make a bigger effort to recycle you will be creating jobs for more of the youth and there will be less crime after a while.



Creating Jobs While Plastic Pollution is being Fixed

The Jamaican Government is also planning to start a plastic bottle buyback program so that persons who have no jobs can earn when they collect bottles and take them to a depot and get paid.

When this program is implemented and more new products are made from recycled plastic the plastic pollution problem will eventually go away. So let us keep on recycling, reducing and reusing plastic as we work towards having a healthy environment.



Now that technology has taken away so many jobs, let us create new jobs with plastic waste and provide more jobs for more persons. Why not reduce poverty as we fix the plastic pollution problem, this is not an impossible task.

Using plastic waste to create more new products and creating more jobs will reduce poverty in the world, so let us try to learn more about how we can be a part of the solution and stop creating more problems for our planet every day.

We never know how many new jobs we will create when we try to do something new with plastic waste. We can also create jobs when we make more reusable bags and do things to reduce the amount of plastic waste we generate every day.

Getting rid of the plastic pollution problem might seem like an impossible task, but if we simply take a look at what others are doing to reuse plastic and what they are doing, we can stop polluting our environment with plastic eventually.

Telling the Children

Telling the children about the plastic pollution problem and the solution we have found for it, is very important. Now that it is so easy for you to tell the children all they need to know about protecting the environment by simply shopping on this site. You can look forward to having a clean and healthy environment and a bright future.

There are Fiverr gigs and ebooks here for you.

Taffy Turtle - Denise Salmon (1)

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Press Release and more Information about the Project for Environmental Protection

Press Release:

A New Way to look at Environmental Protection

Since all we have done to spread the word about the importance of protecting the environment has not brought us the required results; I believe you will agree with me when I say it is time for us to approach the problem in a new way.
This new and fun way of getting this important message out is urgently needed, as Global warming has been causing more hurricanes, droughts and the sea is filled with plastic and other things that are harmful to the sea creatures. Added to that, the children have started to speak out about the terrible state of the environment, as they worry about their future.

This new approach I have been working on; includes a series of ebooks for children. The stories in these ebooks are designed to inform children about the things they can do to change the direction in which we are now going. They will see how the way we are now living, affects the environment and how it feels to have clean beaches and rivers etc. Even though the stories are written about the fun activities, they can get involved in and beautiful places they can visit.

Some of these ebooks have been published on and as I am now raising funds by selling the ebooks and fiverr gigs on my website, as I raise funds for the publishing cost of the other stories so they can be published as well. I am sure you will gladly support this very important project. As we work towards having a clean environment, without the need for ‘beach cleanup days’ and other similar activities. A bright future for our children will be another fun activity for families as parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will enjoy reading these ebooks for children, as we all learn about this important topic together.



There is more information here about the project for the children and the environment. Show the children how much you care about their future, in a new and creative way.

Having a clean and healthy environment won’t be out of reach anymore. Let’s do more to protect our beaches, prevent soil erosion, protect our rivers and work towards having clean air. You won’t have a problem contributing to this awesome project for the children, as you will get a lot in return. It is so easy for you to order e-books and fiverr fiverr gigs , right here on the site.

There are great ebooks here for the children as well. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose, when you contribute to this project.

Now that more is being done with plastic waste, let us tell the children all about recycling and reusing plastic today.




Let us learn more about reusing plastic as we teach our children , now that you know it is an easy thing to do..






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Prepare Kids to Face the Future in a New Way

When we are serious about helping our children to face life in 2025 and beyond we need to think about the current trends and what is happening with the jobs these days.

The days when persons got jobs and kept them for their whole lives are gone, as technology has changed the way things are done in the world. A lot of persons are being employed on a contractual basis With the constant increase in the use of technology, everything is changing in the world of work.
Jobs are different and protecting the environment is now seen as something that more more critical as time goes by, and we know about the effect that green house gases are having on our planet and how plastic pollution has been hurting our environment.

The Change that will Affect Our Children

As parents, we need to look at the jobs that are being created now and help our children to get ready for them, instead of doing things in the old way, as we wouldn’t want to be preparing them to be accountants and bank tellers, as those jobs might not be around when they grow up. We should be preparing them for work in these modern times.

Greens jobs or skill related jobs and technology-based jobs are more available than other jobs these days and even adults will find that they need to be trained to do green jobs and other modern jobs if they want to be continually employed these days.

Children should be prepared to be self-employed as well.


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Why Children Should Know about Going Green

Telling children why it is important for them to know about protecting the environment as when they have more information about the issues pertaining to environmental protection, the easier it will be for them to find solutions for the existing problems we have, and they will be ready to create solutions and develop jobs for themselves and others.

The Problems That Will Need Solutions
We are in need of a biodegradable material to replace plastic, the fertilizers that are filled with chemicals at the moment will need to be replaced, there will need to be a solution for the release of greenhouse gases in the air and helping cities to have good air quality, that is another problem that they could be thinking of solving from an early age.

When children start thinking about protecting the environment early in their lives they get a chance to prepare for a better future.

kids sitting on green grass field
Photo by Victoria Borodinova on


Preparing Children To Live in the Modern World

Now that a lot of persons are becoming more aware of how important it is for the environment to be protected and companies are beginning to do business in a new way. Taking care of the planet in a way that is sustainable that will make it possible for humans to continue living, is important and some business people have decided to do things in a new way.

Managers are thinking about taking care of the air, land, and soil. That is being seen as something that is very important by some managers now and children will need to fit in with the changes that are going on; as more persons are talking about going green and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is important, for the children to be equipped with the right information about protecting the environment.It will be easier for them to find jobs and become better employees. If they should decide to become entrepreneurs they will be more prepared when they have knowledge of these important issues.


Creativity should be encouraged when you are preparing your child to face the future. Telling them about the problems we are facing now with plastic pollution, air pollution, soil contamination and more environmental issues.There are persons who are thinking of implementing a zero waste plan so that there will be no more waste management issues to deal with anymore.

Encouraging children to begin doing their part as it pertains to protecting the environment is the best thing parents can do for children at this time. Giving them all the information they need so they can make better choices when they are discarding waste, buying products, using water and using light.

painting and drawing tools set
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Preparing Children to Face a Future that is Constantly Changing

It is a duty that parents have, to prepare children to face life as responsible citizens on earth. Now that we know that the health of our economy and our health are both connected to the health of our environment. We can understand how important is for us to help our children to treat the environment right.

Creative children will be able to create jobs for themselves and others; they are the ones who don’t get stressed out when they lose a job, as creativity steps in and solutions are created to resolve problems.

The population on earth is growing too fast and the earth’s resources are being depleted because of the way we consume, without replenishing nature. It is time for us to think about the source of our drinking water and our food.


You can easily tell children how tree planting will make a huge difference in their lives with an easy to read eBook “Ricardo’s Tree?

Saving Taffy Turtle” is another eBook for children and it is found on the site. It encourages children to think of Marine animals when they discard plastic waste. Taffy Turtle is a cute pink Turtle that the children will love.

This eBook is one of the books that belongs to a series of books that are being published for the children. Supporters of the project have contributed to the publishing cost of this book by ordering eBooks and Fiverr gigs on the site 

There are other books that are waiting to be published and contributing is something you’ll like doing as you will get a lot in return. Great service is offered on Fiverr and you will enjoy reading the great eBooks you’ll find on the site as well.



Environmental Protection Awareness is important and now that the information that the children need, is so easy to find. We can all look forward to having a healthy environment to live in. Having clean water and air can be something we look forward to having everywhere and ending the need for having beach clean-up days can be something we look forward to.

Now that it is so easy for you to make a step in the right direction, don’t hesitate, the children are depending on us to show them how much we care about their future. One great way to do that is to help them to learn more about protecting the environment.

Let’s give them gifts that will keep on giving, let’s inform them in the best way we can about how easy it is for them to do more for our planet so they can look forward to living a happy and healthy life here.



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Protecting the Environment as we Make and use more Compost

When restaurants, factories schools, homes and landscaping companies do more composting and find ways to reduce the amount of food that is bought from persons who allow toxic chemicals to be used in fertilizers. the amount of toxic materials used to make fertilizers will be reduced, people who are in business just to make profits and allow our food to be toxic will think twice and we will be eating organic food that will be better for us. Sending your fruit, ground produce and vegetable scraps to the landfill and eating toxic food might not seem like a smart thing to do when you can do composting and use it in your own garden, as you find ways to reduce spending and stay healthy.


Gardening and the Benefits

Working towards having a  healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment will help you to spend less at the Doctors and supermarkets.  You will have the benefit of living a long healthy and happy life also. Gardening is an activity that is encouraged, as it keeps us active, reduces our grocery bills and we get to eat food that is fresh and much better than what we get in the Supermarkets sometimes.


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Encouraging the Children

Children who are encouraged to do gardening with compost will understand more about the food they eat and how to stay healthy. Protecting the environment will be something they want to do, as they will understand how important it is for them to protect the environment as they protect their own health. So get the children involved when you are doing gardening, they will learn valuable lessons about growing plants and how to take care of them. These lessons will remain with them for the rest of their lives and they will be equipped with the knowledge they need to have in order for them to feed themselves and others.

2 copy (1)

Families Protecting the Environment Together

Families can pay more attention to separation of waste and learn more about protecting the environment together. They say teamwork makes the dream work and we should all be dreaming about a great future when we reap the fruits of our efforts to have a healthy environment. Families can sit and make plans about gardening, composting, waste separation and other things they plan to do for the environment together. This makes it easier for children to learn valuable lessons about nature and all it has to offer in a simple and creative way.

The project for the children and the environment is able to produce more eBooks for the children about environmental protection also. Parents will be equipping their children with valuable information by simply ordering eBooks on, for them about topics like Tree planting, Recycling, Reusing and Reducing plastic use. Environmental Protection Awareness is no longer a boring topic that no one wants to talk about, now that we know that plastic is a big problem all over the world. Taking care of our planet should be the most popular topic we all talk about.

kids sitting on green grass field
Photo by Victoria Borodinova on


The Future and Green Jobs

Now that there are more persons talking about going green and there are more green jobs being created every day, preparing our children for a great future is also about telling them about protecting the environment in many ways. Children who are aware of the benefits of going green will be ready to face all the future has to offer in a better way. The Project and how You Benefit

Technology has taken away many jobs and parents will need to be aware of the jobs that are no longer available when they are guiding their teens as they help them to make career choices. The need for employees who are trained to do green jobs have been increasing every day and it is never too early for children to get the right information about protecting the environment since their decisions will affect the environment anyway.

The project for the Children and the Environment

There is something on the website for everyone in the family and the money spent on the site is used to publish more eBooks for the kids. You can advertise your websites on social media sites and boost your sales for only $5 ,you will get great slogans that you can use for years, as you grow your business online. Added to that the link for your website can be shared on many social media sites with good slogans for many days to boost traffic and increase sales.
You can also order ads for your business and get the right words and bright colored banners, that will grab your potential customer’s attention right away.
Buyers appreciate these services a lot.  Protecting the environment has never been connected to such fantastic deals before. You’ll see the great reviews the buyers left on the page. There are over 250 of them, you can take a look    fiverr gigs

Now you can place orders as you support the project for the children and the environment. You can order lyrics for children songs and songs for adults too,  or advertise your business with jingles, you will find that it is much easier and more affordable for you to order these great services on Starting at $5 you can transform your life as you contribute to the project for the environment and the children.  You’ll be making a great deal as this is a win-win arrangement.

You can get motivational quotes for your social media pages and you will be motivated as well. You will achieve more and you’ll be more contented.

You can also order articles for websites, magazines, and blogs with fiverr gigs. You might not have time to write for yourself. You will like the offers you have found here, as you’ll get 500 words for $5. You can order many articles about a lot of topics.

Having a healthy environment is important for us all, so let us do our part and make our planet beautiful again by reducing plastic waste and toxins as we tell our children how they can prepare for a bright future.



You can learn how to order a fiverr gig with this video

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Protecting The Environment by Reducing The use of Single-Use Plastics

We have become so accustomed to using single-use plastics because they have made our workload lighter. When we have parties and visit restaurants we use them because it is easy for us to simply discard plastic knives, forks etc. instead of having utensils to take home and wash and for the owners of restaurants, they .no longer need to hire anyone to wash utensils so single-use plastic helped them to spend less on wages for workers.

However, we are allowing our waste to destroy sea creatures and that is wrong. Doing things in an old-fashioned way will save the life of many marine animals so let’s do the right thing and stop using single-use plastics.

No More Single-Use Plastic

Costa Rica is making the right move by planning to ban the use of single-use plastic and I hope every other country will follow what they are doing.  We can put a set of utensils, a plate and a cup in our bags that we take to the different places we visit in the days and use them instead of the plastic ones.

We want our children to grow up and enjoy all the beauty we enjoy now on the planet and we need to make the necessary changes in order for this to happen

The government of Costa Rica is thinking about the future of their tourism industry it seems. They know tourists won’t enjoy being on a beach that is littered with plastic waste and that would cause them to earn less from tourism. For them, ending the use of single-use plastic is all about protecting their tourism industry so they can continue earning from it for a longer time.


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We can change the way we treat the environment when we tell our children how important it is for us to change our habits or develop new habits, we can simply tell them that we all need to develop new habits as we can’t continue treating the environment badly as the plastic that gets to the oceans and seas break down into microplastics and get eaten by plankton before it is eaten by fish and we eat the fish. Micro Plastic has found its way into the stomach of many humans whenever they eat fish or use sea salt.


If we make the small simple changes we need to make and show our children that we care about their future and protecting the environment is important. You can reduce the money you spend when you go shopping when you reuse plastics.

Governments spend a lot more to clean up the environment when we do nothing to protect the environment and this money could be spent on giving children better lunches and better education, we could also have better roads, less taxation and more benefits not mentioned here.

However, when we change the way we treat the environment and inform our children about the things they can do, We will be able to work towards having a healthy environment.

Children who are aware of the importance of protecting the environment have begun to change the way they discard their waste and they have even started thinking of creative ways in which they can reuse the things they normally discard.


Saving Taffy Turtle 

Telling children about going green and why it is a good thing to do, was complicated before. But the ebook         ” Saving Taffy Turtle ” was published for the parents who love their children and want them to have a bright future.

Now parents, aunts, uncles, and Grandparents can easily read this fun story for their children and grandchildren. They will fall in love with Taffy, this cute baby girl Turtle and quickly realize there is a lot they can do to protect her as they protect the environment.

Environmental Protection Awareness is now an easy and fun story that is just great for the children. I am sure you’ll like the ebook. You will be contributing to the publishing cost of other books in the series. Children will learn about reducing plastic use, reusing plastic, the importance of recycling plastic and other issues pertaining to environmental protection awareness that they need to learn about.

Get your copy here:

saving Taffy Turtle




Plastic Pollution

There are countries that have started taxing plastic bags, and persons are using less plastic bags in those countries. We can make the changes that we need to make and solve the problem of plastic pollution even though it is not easy. We have been using single-use plastic for many years so it will take a lot of effort to change our habits.

Persons have started taking their own containers to supermarkets and asking if they can buy flour, sugar, rice and other products that they would buy in plastic packaging before and are asking supermarket managers if they can get products in their own containers.

Eventually, there will be less plastic in our oceans and seas as we will be sending more plastic waste to the landfills/


Children will start learning about all the great things they can make when they reuse plastic as they do more for the baby Turtles, as soon as this ebook is published. Persons have contributed to the project for the children and the environment and this cover was done, more contributions will go towards completing the ebook so children can have it at a low cost.

Shopping in a New Way

Remember children who are informed about the importance of protecting the environment will grow up to be responsible adults who will pass on the information about environmental protection to their children. Since it is important for us to send a message to the manufacturers who use too much plastic when they package their products, it is good when children are able to help adults to search for the products that are not packaged in plastic as we start shopping in a new way.

Supporting the Project for the Children and the Environment

Supporting the project is all about showing children how much we care about their future. There is someone here for everyone, there are ebooks for both children and adults and Fiverr gigs that can be easily ordered whenever contributors would like to sing more songs, have better relationships, advertise their businesses online, get great articles for their websites and get great slogans for advertising campaigns.


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Spreading The Word About Environmental Protection Awareness

For many years we didn’t think it was not good to discard waste in the ocean and now that we are at the stage where plastic is getting to be more available than fish in the waters, and fish the fish we eat for dinner can be the same fish that has eaten small pieces of plastic and humans have done tests and found out that a lot of toxins can be found in their bloodstream.

There is a need for those of us who are informed to spread the word about environmental protection awareness. To stop allowing our waste to destroy our planet and spread the word about how important it is for us to protect our environment. We need to think about the future and the children who will not have fish to eat if we continue doing the things we did before. A new and creative way was needed to help everyone to understand why it is important for them to think about their waste in a new way. The environmental project on this site is designed with this in mind.

photo of a turtle underwater
Photo by Belle Co on

Deforestation, overpopulation, plastic pollution, air pollution and many more issues, are in need of more of our attention. We can put an end to the bad practices we have developed over the years by spreading the word about how important it is for us to protect the environment. Telling the children why it is good to protect the environment is a great way to change the way we spread the important message as we change the things we have been doing to pollute the environment. Children will want to inherit a planet that is beautiful and they will want to do their part in creating a bright future for themselves.  Children who are aware of the effect of waste on the environment will grow up to be adults who will do all they can to do things in a different way as they protect the environment and reap the great rewards.

Climate change is changing our world so quickly and its devastating effect is causing more poverty. Doing things in new ways has become necessary, as we can’t afford to create more problems for ourselves. We can’t afford to wait for the next generation to do something about the problems we have right now. We need to equip them with the right information about protecting the environment today. So that there can be a change in the way we care for our planet. Let us show children that we care about their future. Educating them about the small things they can do each day for the environment, is the best way for us to pass on valuable information to them about the things that are very important for them to know about.

We should try to reduce the impact of climate change as much as we can. However, giving important information to our children is a great thing to do as well. Fun Writings and Things has ebooks about recycling, tree planting, reusing and reducing the use of plastic. More of these e-books will be easily found on, making it easy for you to start giving the children the information they need so they can start getting acquainted with the things they can do, to create a healthy environment. The first book in the series for the protection of the environment is found here.


How you contribute to the Environmental Project

Currently whenever you order the ebooks or  Fiverr gigs on this site, for articles for your websites
and blogs, great ads for your businesses, personalized poems for your loved ones and friends, lyrics
for your songs and jingles, online advertising, relationship advice and more, right here on this site.
You are helping to save the environment. As you will be contributing to the publishing cost of the other e-books about environmental protection awareness for the children.  Whenever you place orders for any of the e-books that are already published. You can look forward to the publishing of the other ebooks about tree planting and other topics pertaining to protecting the environment. They are being published over time.

Ebooks about Protecting the Environment

Saving Taffy Turtle is the first published ebook in this series, it is about recycling; you’ll be seeing
books about re-using and reducing plastic use and there is one about tree planting as well. The
environmental clubs in schools are in need of these books. So don’t keep them waiting. Let’s do all we can to publish more children’s books about protecting the environment today. A healthy environment is a great legacy that we all should want to leave for our children.
2 copy (1)

“Ricardo’s Tree,” tells a great story about a boy who is excited about planting a seed and watching it grow. Children will understand why tree planting is important and all the benefits they can derive from planting trees.


“Fun in Jamaica- Ocho Rios” “‘(available on Amazon .com is an ebook that tells the story of a family having fun on a beautiful
beach in Jamaica. Children will see all the benefits they will have when they do all they can to protect
the environment. They will want to get involved with tree planting, recycling, and all the other
necessary activities, that will lead to the creation of a bright future and a clean environment. Fixingenvironmental problems in a new and creative way has never been done like this before, so easy and affordable. Our children should have the right to relax on clean beaches and they should have clean air to breath. So let us do our part now that it is so easy for us to give great information to the kids.



“Reuse For Taffy Turtle” tell a story about children who are finding creative ways to reuse plastic as they protect the environment and reduce the amount of money their parents would normally spend to buy toys and other things for them. Your contributions will assist with the publishing cost of this ebook.

Children who get the Right Information will Develop Good Habits

Doing the right thing for the environment is not something we can afford to put off any longer. Let’s give our children the information they need about this topic so they can make the right decisions when they go shopping and discard their waste. The number of hurricanes we see every year is increasing, our oceans and seas are almost ruined by waste. and there are other problems we are facing because of climate change.

kids sitting on green grass field
Photo by Victoria Borodinova on

There are children who are aware of the problems we are having and they want to do all they can to clean up the environment and start doing what is right for the environment. So it is time for adults to support them and give them all they need to assist them as they prepare to face life on the planet.

It is just not fair for us to create these problems and leave the burden on the children to face on their own. We should be thinking about all the hardships they will face when the environment is ruined.

A change will happen Faster When Children Know

Change is needed and the best way for us to change the way we spread the information about the importance of protecting the environment is by changing the way we tell our children about what they can do to make a difference.

Persons have contributed to the project in various ways over the years, they have ordered Fiverr gigs and bought ebooks. Children have started reading about the great things they can do to improve the health of the environment. Let’s continue on the journey towards having a clean environment as we now know that our health is being affected when we discard waste in the wrong way.

When we spend our money on the things that will eventually destroy our environment we are saying we don’t care about our future and we don’t mind inhaling polluted air. Persons who care about their health have started working towards having zero waste on earth, this is a great thing to think about.

Zero waste

Zero Waste means we will buy fewer things when we go shopping, as we will only be buying the things we need, we will not be using disposable plastic, we will be recycling and reusing all the plastic waste we can find, we will not be purchasing our produce, our rice, flour etc. in single-use plastic bags, we will be taking our own containers to the supermarkets when we are buying these things.

Persons who have started working towards having zero waste are becoming more creative every day as are saving money and creating new income streams from waste.



Thinking of waste in new and creative ways can save our planet as we find new ways to earn  Let us remove the limitations we have put on ourselves and start thinking in new ways as we prepare ourselves and our children to face a bright future. There is no need for us to continue destroying our beautiful planet.

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Losing Beaches- The Effect of Global Warming

The loss of beaches has become a reality since hurricanes and tsunamis have started taking them away. Places like Jamaica, South Florida, the Bahamas and other places have lost beaches and in some places, persons have decided to go in search of sand to replace these lost beaches. Violent hurricanes and tsunamis continue to wreak havoc in many places and this rise of the sea level is another problem faced by persons who live on small islands. The change in the number of hurricanes and cyclones we have seen recently has been blamed on Global warming even though there are persons who disagree with this opinion. We all can say hurricane seasons were not as active as they are now, many years ago.


Rising Sea Levels

Sea level rises because of glaciers or ice sheets melting and warming land ice. Even though there are conflicting views about what causes the rise in Sea level. We know it is happening and we need to do all we can to even reduce the rate at which it is rising before we lose more of our beautiful beaches.

It has been reported that some islands no longer have beaches and their soil has become so salty that they are unable to plant food, They are depending on the kindness of outsiders who send them packaged food, so they have waste to burn when the packaging piles up. It is time for persons who live on the continents to think about hpw they can protect the environment and the persons who live on islands. The islands that are found close to the Pacific Garbage Patch are having a hard time. It would be good if persons who discard the most waste and contribute more the greenhouse gas emissions could cut back on the amount of waste they generate as this would cause a reduction in the amount of waste that is burned in landfills and also the amount that makes its way to the Pacific Garbage Patch.




Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is something we need to think about more often, as we just cannot afford to continue like this. If there is no change in the way we generate waste we will only continue to destroy our environment. Reusing many of the things we normally discard is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that gets to our oceans and our landfills. We will spend less on buying new products and we won’t need to worry about having plastic in our sea food as well when we reuse our waste in various ways.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic waste has become a huge problem for us and there has been an effort to replace plastic bottles with biodegradable bottles but that seems to be something we will be waiting on for a while and since it is important for us to do all we can at this time to change the way we treat the environment so we can ensure that our children will have a healthy environment to live in when they grow up. We need to change the way we educate our children about protecting the environment as we prepare for a better tomorrow.

Businesses use Plastic Waste

There are new companies that have started using plastic waste to make new products as they try to reduce the problem we have with plastic pollution we now have. Managers have been making more new products from plastic waste every day as they create more jobs for job seekers.

Creative Children

Children become very creative when they are encouraged to use plastic to make toys and other useful objects. They are able to give the things they make to others as they learn to be more caring while they learn to protect the environment.

The project for the children and the environment is being supported by many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. The books they contribute to by purchasing other ebooks on or ordering gigs on are being published. Children are learning about the importance of protecting the environment in a new and easy way.

Protect The Coral Reef

Coral reefs are homes for marine life and human activity is threatening their survival. Global warming, our waste and high acidity from toxins that are released from factories into the oceans.

More needs to be done to understand what Corals reefs need to survive so we can make adjustments when we need to. Our ability to get enough fish for our nutrition might be affected soon if nothing changes and we continue doing the things we are doing to destroy the coral reefs at this time.

Plastic bags block sunlight from the corals and cause them to die, using reusable bags and reducing plastic use and reusing plastic as often as we can is our only option at this time if we plan to have a healthy environment.


Reuse For Taffy Turtle

A cover for the book that will educate children about reusing plastic in creative ways. Thanks in advance for your support of this great project for the children and the environment. These ebooks will make it easy for children to understand how they can do simple things that will make a difference as we reduce the amount of plastic waste that finds it’s way to our drains, rivers, seas and oceans every day.

I’m sure children will want to do all they can do, to protect the cute baby girl Turtle in this book. They will enjoy reading the nicely written story that is filled with rhymes when the project is supported and all the ebooks are published.

Click below to visit the page that has all the published ebooks there.  When you place orders you’ll be contributing to the publishing cost of this ebook and all the other ebooks for the protection of the environment.



Telling children how important it is for the ocean to be protected from plastic pollution is very important, we just cannot allow another generation to allow more waste to get into the oceans and the seas.  Now that you know of the project for the children and the environment, let us work together to protect our environment. As we now know that we protect our own health when our environment is protected.

Treating the environment right will make our future bright and we need to pass this message on to our children before they develop bad habits anddo all the things they should not be doing to pollute the environment.


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Children who Care about Protecting The Environment

When children care about protecting the environment they should be encouraged

Adults should never brush them aside because of their age

They are thinking about their future and how they will manage to live

Listen to them, they have a lot to give

They know their future will be bright

When they treat the environment right



Children are not as strong as adults and so, they are unable to overcome the effects of air pollution and water pollution, as adults do, because of this many children die each year when they become ill. The children who are aware of this have decided that they want to become more active in the fight to protect the environment. They do all they can to spread awareness about the issues persons face when the protection of the environment is ignored. These children in this video below, emphasize the fact that we are all in the problem together as we are citizens on one planet. And our actions affect each other, so we should be more mindful of the things we do. As we can cause problems for other persons when we discard our waste in the wrong way every day. When we care about the environment we won’t use so much single-use plastic, and we will do a lot more to reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. Now that we know of the Pacific Garbage Patch and the tiny pieces of plastic that get’s into our food when they are eaten by the fish before we eat them. We all know that toxins are not good for our health and we need to have a healthy environment if we plan to stay healthy.

Polluted water takes the lives of many children every year and this has caused more children to be willing to do their part to protect the environment, they should be supported in their effort to change the world in their own way. Whenever they form environmental clubs, parents should support them in every way as we all know that the issue they are dealing with has become a very serious one. Global warming is causing the Sealevel to rise and islands are getting smaller. Persons who live on Continents should do more for the environment in an effort to protect the persons who live on islands. We are all humans on earth and we need to care about each other’s well being.

Children who Join Environmental Clubs

Parents should encourage their children to join environmental clubs so they can become more aware of the many things they can do to protect the environment even though there are children who will not need any encouragement. There is a need for a product that is biodegradable to replace plastic now. We never know if the person who will design this new product will not be a child who has seen plastic pollution and wants to do something about it. Our children are very smart and we should equip them with the knowledge about the state of the environment so they can start thinking about creating solutions for the problems they see as they make plans for their own future.

You will be happy to know that there are many young environmentalists out there already and they are finding ways to spread the word about how important it is to protect the environment.

A List of Organisations for Environmental Protection

1. YES a group that believes in connecting, inspiring and collaborating with young and intergenerational change makers. To build thriving just and balanced ways of life for all.

They value emotional, physical and spiritual health and well being and wants to help persons to become more aware of how special the earth and all humans are.

2. Grass Roots and Shoots an environmental program for youths that was founded my Jane Goodall

3. Compassionate Kids is an organization that encourages kids to volunteer and be active in doing all they can to protect the environment.

4. Kids for Saving Earth: offers a curriculum and resources for parents and educators

5. Eco-Kids children have lots of fun in this organization with games and activities.

6. Kids For a Clean Environment is a club with over 2000 chapters and over 300,000 members in many places around the world.

7. Earth Force is a website that focuses on efforts by children who want to actively do more to protect their environment in their communities. This website is designed to help children and communities to get connected.

8. Children of the Earth provides resources online about protecting the environment, they also provide programs.

9.  Ecology has lots of information for everyone about environmental protection, but there is a section that is designed for kids.

10. Children and Nature Network is an organization helps children to become teachers and leaders.

Empowering children to become responsible adults is an activity every adult should want to be involved in. You can contact these organizations and do your part to make the environment healthy.

Now that fun writings have made it easy for information to be easily given to children so they can learn about all the important issues that they will need to pay attention to if they want to live a happy and healthy life on the planet. You can order e-books or fiverr gigs as you support a project that provides great information for children so they can learn about protecting the environment and more.



Children are concerned about the many hurricanes that take lives and destroy property every year in many places. Give them the information they need so they can be equipped to make a difference in whatever way they can. They won’t feel as if they are just sitting and waiting for the situation with Global Warming and the rising sea level to get worse. A lot can change when even small things are done to make things better. You may be amazed at what can happen when there is an effort to encourage children to stop littering streets and use less single-use plastic.

It is time for everyone on the planet to become aware of the things that are being done to destroy the environment so there can be a greater effort by persons to get rid of  bad habits and replace them with good ones so that children can be taught to treat the environment right just by doing what they see adults do. However, since the situation has gotten out of hand this creative way of providing great ebooks for the children to read about the topic will help to make it possible for them to prepare for a bright future, as they try to find solutions for the problems they are now facing because of the bad decisions that were made by adults.




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Children Should be Told about How Toxins Affect Humans

Toxic air causes many different respiratory illnesses that reduce the number of years we will live. Having more things to use and poor health is not what we should be working towards when we wake up in the mornings. Finding solutions for poor air quality in cities is something we all need to be thinking about, as we seek to make our environment healthy, for our children and ourselves.

The emission of greenhouse gasses that cause global warming and higher sea levels should be reduced, we cannot continue buying so many products that we don’t really need and factories need to cut back on their production in order to protect the environment.

baby sleeping on white cotton
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Whenever entrepreneurs only think of supplying the people with what they want and not what they need, pollution becomes a problem. We need to stop and think about the future of the planet and our health now, we can’t continue in this way, so many children have cancer now, it was not like this before. We can ask the manufacturers to make changes and protect our health. It is time for us to let them know that we care about our planet and our future.


The companies that cause toxins to be released into the air and into our rivers, oceans, and seas should start looking for ways to change the way they get rid of their toxic waste or find better ways to make their products. The lives of many persons who depend on fishing to make a living are badly affected when toxic waste kills the fish and the fish they manage to catch are not good for human consumption as they sometimes have cancer-causing toxins in them.

There are persons who complain of feeling ill when the toxins run close to the places where they live and the government seems to turn a blind eye to their plight sometimes, the government officials might only say the factories provide many jobs for persons who live in other areas. However, everyone will be eating toxic fish, both those who live on the beach and those who shop in supermarkets so this practice of discarding waste in the sea or rivers need to end.

Wealth without health will have no benefit, there has to be a better way to provide jobs for persons. The system we have now is bad for the environment and anything that is bad for the environment is also bad for our health.

Plastic Leaching

It has been reported that water and juice that is stored in plastic bottles over a long time or at a high temperature becomes toxic after a while, as dangerous chemicals used to make plastic leeches into the content of plastic containers and tests have proven that these chemicals are found in our bloodstream when we consume these products.

Bisphenol-A or BPA has been a concern for scientists as this chemical seems to cause rats to have changes in their breasts and prostate tissue. It is alleged that BPA is linked to more obesity in children, breast and prostate cancer in adults, changes in fetal development as it acts as an endocrine disrupter.

Plastic pollution has become a huge problem for everyone on earth since the toxins used in the manufacture of plastic is finding its way into our water and our food now. Helping children to know what to do to decrease the amount of plastic we have on the planet is very important, as a change in the way we handle plastic is needed now. We cannot afford to have a next generation who does the same things this current generation is doing when it comes on to plastic and how we use it and discard it.

Children who know more about how toxins affect their health will pay more attention to recycling, reusing and reducing plastic use and they will quickly spread the word about this important issue. When this happens the problem we are having now will not be passed on to the next generation.


This book is available on

Children and Change

Children need to make informed decisions about the way they treat plastic waste every day. They should not be kept in the dark as they continue littering streets so their waste can be washed down in the drains before it gets to the sea or ocean still. They need to know how their waste affects their drinking water and their food.


Children will benefit a lot from having the information about how they can protect the environment in simple ebooks that they can read and understand. These books can be read for them even before they get to an age where they can read for themselves. Preparing them for a bright future is linked to how much they know about the important issues that affect their planet and their health at this time.

Children will grow up to become manufacturers, Engineers and they will be working in places where their decisions will have an impact on the environment. It is good for them to start learning about the importance of environmental protection early. There are many persons who are being affected by pollution and other problems because of the way waste is discarded and the way trees are cut down and not replanted. If we don’t change the way we prepare our children to face life as adults on the planet, they will continue doing what we do now and they will have nowhere to live after a while.

Children who are informed have started making the right decisions about protecting the environment as they know how important it is for them to do all they can to protect their own health by keeping the environment healthy.

It is time for everyone on earth to wake up and do their part in keeping mother earth beautiful, we should not be satisfied to sit and watch innocent creatures being destroyed because of our waste. It is just not fair to them, sea creatures should be able to enjoy having a clean home as well. Turtles and other marine animals eat plastic and it makes them feel full, so they stop eating the things they normally eat and then they die.

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When more recycling, reusing and reducing the use of plastic and electronics is done and we start replanting more trees so we can avoid soil erosion. Earth will remain beautiful and we will be healthier as well.

We need to insist that manufacturers and developers make plans that includes protecting the environment. If we won’t do our part we will be passing on an earth that is devastated to our children and that is sad. Let us work together to make the future bright. Building environmental protection awareness is easy now. You don’t need to just sit and watch as the environment id destroyed anymore.

2 copy (1)

This ebook will be available on Amazon soon, it is a part of the collection of books children will read so they can learn about protecting the environment. The persons who have supported the project for the children and the environment have made it possible for this book to be illustrated and formatted. Your support will make it possible for the other books to be ready for the children. Be a part of this awesome project, do something for the future of planet earth and the children as well.

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E-Waste, the Problems and Solutions

Before you discard your electronics think about the toxins that will leak

Think about the children’s future and the good health that you seek

Now you can tell the children  how they can make their own future bright

When e-waste and all other wastes are treated right

E-waste is a huge problem, old electronics are piling up in places

We need to find ways to reduce e-waste before there is a look of distress on more faces

Harmful Toxins

It is alleged that cell phones manufactured since 2012 are packed with toxic chemicals—arsenic, lead, and polybrominated flame retardants etc. These toxic substances leak into the soil and get washed into our water supply and our food sometimes. Burning cell phones cause toxins to be released into the atmosphere as well.
It is best for us to keep on using our cell phones as long as possible or sell them to the companies who buy used cell phones as we try not to add to the problem we are now having with e-waste. Replacing broken glass on cell phones can be easy to do, you can watch this video.


Teenagers who are not aware of the problems that arise because of the improper way they discard cell phones have only used their cell phones for 18 months before they dump them in the trash. This makes it very important for the information about the effect of toxins on the environment to be passed on to them even before they start using cell phones. When this is done, they will be more aware of what they need to do to protect the environment and prevent some of the problems we are having now.

Technology is upgraded very often and almost everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends by having all the most modern gadgets. But those who know about the impact e-waste has on the environment will keep on using their cell phones for a longer time. They know they will be saving cash and they will be protecting the environment at the same time.

Other Electronics </
Added to cell phones we discard old computers, television sets, radios, CD players, printers, and other electronic gadgets every day and just like plastic they don’t break down and become a part of the soil until many years have passed.
It would be good if we could recycle more of the electronics. Even though not all the material that is used to make them can be recycled. We have been sending our e-waste to the landfills all along, but now that we know the problems caused by the toxins they are made with, we should try to find ways to reduce the amount E-waste we generate.

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When electronics end up in landfills, toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium might leak into the soil and water. This is very harmful to humans, it is important for us to find more ways to reuse our electronics so we can reduce this problem.
The electronic waste is a huge problem: More than 20 million tons of e-waste are produced every year. It is worst in the developed countries, Americans alone generate about 3.4 million tons of e-waste per year. If all the blue whales alive today are placed on one side of a scale and one year of US e-waste on the other, the e-waste would be heavier.

Think before you act when toxins destroy air quality people get sick after a while. Everyone who uses electronics should think about suffering people when they use electronics and discard them, they become a problem to persons in other countries and electronics take a long time to break down and become a part of the soil, so it is easy for them to pile up.

Extending the use of Electronics

Some schools are in need of more laptops and some of the laptops that have been discarded could be fixed and given to students or prisoners who need to find something productive to do with their time could use them to learn about starting careers so they can earn when they get out of jail.

When we protect the environment we protect our own health, so being aware of what we can do to reduce the amount of toxins we allow to get into our soil and water is all about doing something great for ourselves. Telling our children about these problems will cause them to make good decisions about the way they use electronics in the future.

Why We Should Tell Our Children About E-Waste

Children who know of the damage that toxins cause can be more prepared to find solutions for the problems, let’s not keep them in the dark. Support this project and they will have more books to read about these important issues. They will start thinking of ways to recycle more e-waste and protect the environment. You never know what can happen when children are told the facts about important issues.

They might start thinking of ways to repair more of the electronic gadgets we use so we can both reduce the amount of e-waste we generate and save money at the same time. We need to find more solutions for the e-waste problem we have created, if we don’t the situation will keep on getting worse every day and we will be destroying ourselves.

Why We should encourage Kids to Play Outside More Often

Encouraging children to have fun and enjoy nature is a great thing for parents to do at this time. The number of obese persons on earth has increased over the years and the use of electronics has been blamed for the problem.

So you will be doing something great for your kids when you support the project that provides them with more information about the things they can do, while they enjoy the great outdoors more often. water-fight-children-water-play-51349

They will be protecting their eyes as well, staring at a computer screen or smartphone screen for hours can be very damaging to their eyes. They will find that having fun with friends will be a lot more enjoyable than holding electronic games and smartphones in their hands and they will get the exercise they need.

Parents will be spending less on these gadgets after a while, as children who are busy playing with friends won’t need games to keep them occupied. They will learn to make new friends more easily also and this will be good for them.

Recycling E-Waste

We should insist that the manufacturers of electronics do more recycling and there will be less e-waste in places like this. Simply living day to day, playing video games, buying all the latest gadgets and discarding them so they go into landfills after a while has left us with problems. It is time for us to tell the children that the games they play and all the electronic devices they use are starting to pile up in places and more needs to be done to find new ways to get rid of e-waste before the whole earth is covered with old electronics. A small problem get’s huge over time if we do nothing about it.



The Project for the Children and the Environment

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The project has been supported by many persons over the years and more books are being worked on every day. When children know more about reducing waste and protecting the environment, it will be easy for us to achieve the goal we have set to have zero waste on our planet in a shorter time.

It is alleged that 49 million tons of e-waste were generated in 2012 and if this figure continues to rise the future will be bleak for people on earth. So let’s find ways to inform our kids in an easy way, by supporting the project here and publish more ebooks for them to read about the protection of the environment. As we do more to reduce the number of old electronics we send to landfills as much as we can.