Building a Better World For Our Kids

In the past parents wanted to leave their children in a better situation than the one they were in. They would work hard to give them better education, better homes to live in and even better food to eat, than what they ate when they were growing up. At the moment, I can’t say modern parents are doing the same. We seem to be more fascinated with technology than trying to plan for the children’s future. With women fighting for the right to do abortions. No one knows what the future holds. Technology might not be able to replace humans.

With the development of more technology we are seeing a reduction in the number of available jobs. If this trend continues, children will need to be trained to earn in new ways. We all know food will still be needed and they might need be educated with this in mind. Environmental education will always be needed. With the use of Robots, the amount of waste produced is set to increase.

going green

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