Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment

Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment. Tell the Children now They need to know how To protect the environment This is not just a sentiment   Too much plastic is ending up in the sea But protecting the environment will set us free From the negative effects of blocked up drains And plastic won’tContinue reading “Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment”

Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment

I believe it is time for children to learn more about what they can do to have a bright future. So they won’t continue to litter streets and use excessive amounts of plastic. I am hoping they will even begin to understand that trees are very important and they can start thinking about planting treesContinue reading “Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment”

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Better Relationships= Better Business

Better Relationships= Better Business. Without love life can be very hard to handle As love sheds light in the dark, like a candle So light up your life As you’ll forget about strife Read more when you click on the link below  http://w CREATE YOUR BADGEBoost the traffic to your Gigs by embedding thisContinue reading “Better Relationships= Better Business”

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