Africa Leading Green Economic Growth ?

The leader of Kenya William Ruto, has good plans for the future of the world. His plans are great and we might see big changes in the way we move towards going green soon. Africa has the land and the sun for solar panel and solar power production. They can produce wind energy and they can create other green energy plans too. They have huge rivers to produce hydro electricity. Instead of sending oil pipelines under the sea to disrupt ecosystems. There might be new ways to transport green energy from Africa to other places. It is good to look at the plan for the green future in a new way.

Is it Possible for us to see Green Economic Growth?

If we find ways to work together, we can make great things happen. When Governments say only fossil fuels will help us to see economic growth. They also say job creation will always be linked to fossil fuels. However, it is possible that they have given up too soon. A lot more jobs can be created when solar panels and wind turbines are being made and recycled more often. More waste to energy plants can be built far from homes. Africa might have the solutions for the climate crisis. If only the leaders were willing to take another look at solutions.

Our Responsibility for Our Own Future

If we could find a way to get together and speak with a louder voice. We could get more leaders to listen. When we talk environmental solutions we are putting an end to fossil fuel use. We can no longer afford to simply go along with the old plan. Our future is too important because our children are included. It is possible for us to use clean energy and reduce our bills. Let us try to wake up more people and get them to understand. Food shortage will be a reality we will face if we ignore environmental solutions. Our leaders don’t seem to be thinking of the consequences of having a hotter earth now. We need to become the change we want to see.

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