Why Planning for the Green Future is Important

Due to the impact of climate change, deforestation, heat waves and droughts, there is need for adaptation and mitigation. If we continue doing the same things we did to create the problems we have, things will keep on getting worse. Planning for the future in the best way can do a lot of good for the planet. There can be a lot of conservation and restoration taking place.

Without a plan for more environmental education for children and a focus on the green future. Increased industrialisation and pollution will continue causing environmental degradation. There is no way to halt this if there is no change in the way we live. The homes that are designed for the green future will help us to be connected to plants again and this might be a good thing.

green future
green future

Adaptation and Mitigation

Adaptation can be seen as the plan to adjust to the current and future effects of the change in climate. This plan is too important to be ignored and more of us should have access to them, as this will cause a change in our behaviour.

Mitigation causes a reduction of the impacts of climate change, so there will be less damage done to the environment. This will lead to reduced emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere. We can have the fine future we want to see, when we are prepared to change our ways and protect our environment in the best way.

Environmental Protection and Conservation

Without conservation we will not have enough water to survive on the planet for much longer. Rivers are drying up and we have not been seeing any streams anymore. After deforestation, then comes reduced rainfall and the disappearance of rivers. This causes increased distress because water is life and the livelihood of many individuals are affected in some places.

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