About Fun Writings

Who We Are

Fun Writings was launched in 2010, after the need for children’s eco-friendly books was discovered. 

Since then, we have expanded our writing into many other areas. We now write songs, articles, poems, ads, jingles and much more. 

We can take your ideas and turn them into songs, poems, scripts, ebooks and so much more! 

About the Founder

Our Manager, Denise Salmon is a creative writer.

She is a successful freelancer at Fiverr.com. She makes songs for Music schools so they can encourage students to sing their own songs and learn to be more creative. 

She also works with artiste managers who need lyrics for artistes which helps them to boost put out more music. 

She writes special stories that are designed to encourage children to fall in love and mingle with their outdoors and the environment. 

Her e-books for small children are available on Amazon and Smashwords. Her first book for children titled “Fun in Jamaica – Ocho Rios” is quite popular in many Jamaican primary schools. It teaches kids to observe and acknowledge all the great things that nature has to offer. It makes them aware of the importance of preserving the environment and teaches them about how to protect it. 

Her other books are about love, motivation and about great Jamaican experiences. The books are all filled with joyous poems, you will have a great time reading since they are written with good will, a lot of rhymes and introduce you to the finer nuances of the natural environment and art.

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