A Solution For Plastic Pollution

A solution for plastic pollution linked to environmental education will help us to see the needed change. The increased plastic production is not slowing down and consumerism continues to be unchecked. The number of ways to advertise and sell things has been made simple. With online shopping becoming more popular as time goes by. The packaging used is more with bubble wrapping etc. and this will lead to more plastic pollution.

plastic waste
plastic pollution problem

A drastic change in the way people use and discard plastic is needed. However, without a new environmental education plan for children, it will be very difficult for us to see a reduction in plastic pollution. People develop habits that cause pollution over the years, and they litter streets and use single-use-plastic in too many ways. This can change with added environmental education for children.

A new environmental education plan for children can cause us to see a transformation in the way waste is treated. Children who know about the issues we face with plastic pollution, such as micro plastics in our water and food, the death of marine creatures, the pollution of the air, oceans and seas will want to develop new habits.

They will understand how the actions of the older generations caused all the plastic pollution problems we see today. This will cause them to seek to develop new green habits and protect the environment more. We should not allow them to grow up without telling them the facts about the terrible problems they will face because of plastic pollution.

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