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Information about the Project for Children and the Environment

There will be more books with topics about environmental protection awareness for the children to read. Just like the other books that are already available here. Children will be prepared to work towards having a future that is bright.
As they will know why environmental protection is important and what they need to do to keep the environment clean and healthy.

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Lyrics for Songs and Jingles
Remember you can order songs for children and adults, as I sell lyrics with fiverr gigs. We all love singing new songs at Birthday parties and other special occasions.If you are a producer or an artist manager you can order lyrics for the singers you work with. Teachers and parents who want their students/ children to learn faster can order special songs for them as well. Children learn faster and have a lot more fun when they sing. You can order songs for addition and Alphabet songs for them as well.

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Better Relationships

When relationships are not great and you are feeling a bit stressed out. You can easily order the fiverr gig for relationship issues. The good advice you get can change the way you see things and help you to make adjustments. You can go from having a lot of stress to using your time in a productive way. Soon you’ll be having great days that you can enjoy. Having great relationships truly increases our productivity and our happiness.
In order for us to have true success, we must have great relationships. Even when we know how to be strong, there will be times when we need encouragement and moral support from others. It is wonderful for us to have great relationships while the environment is getting cleaner and healthier; I’m sure you’ll agree.

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ong>Stay Motivated so you can always Achieve

Even though we would like to stay motivated at all times so we can reach our goals. This does not happen at all times and our new years resolutions are forgotten too often. It is easy for us to forget about our good plans when problems set us back and distract us. In order for us to stay focused and achieve all our goals, a fiverr gig can help. For only $5 you will get motivational quotes that you can share on social media and motivate yourself while you motivate your friends.

Poetry for Special Occasions

Saying all the wonderful words you want to say to your loved ones when you are feeling so proud of them will be much easier when you order the special gig for that purpose. When your loved ones get married, graduate, have birthdays, anniversaries or any other time when you want to show them how much you care about them, or if you simply want to say “thank you” and show your appreciation in a special way. You can order the gig for that. I’m sure you will have no regrets.Making your loved ones feel special can be a very rewarding thing to do.

Treating the environment right, now comes with a lot of benefits, I’m sure you are saying this is a wonderful thing for all of us to do. Now that you know of all the great benefits you’ll get from supporting this project; let’s get started today, don’t delay. Working towards having a bright future is something we all need to do in a meaningful way.


A Clean Environment- A Bright Future
Just like leaving a will with all the things you worked for, so your children won’t be stressed out when you are not with them. Leaving a healthy environment is just as important. Clean water and air will help them to have a better quality of life. So let’s do all we can to prepare them for a bright future today. We will be encouraging them as we encourage ourselves to treat the environment in the right way and reap all the great benefits.


The ebooks you will find are for both for children and adults, they are nicely written, about love, motivation, recycling, enjoying wonderful vacations and more. Ordering them is quite easy as they are on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com There is something here for everyone. So we can all have a good time while we work towards having a bright future. Lets not wait and watch as our environment becomes more polluted every day, when we can change the direction in which we are heading in this very simple and rewarding way.
They say it is better to be late than never, so even though climate change has caused some of our beaches to be eroded already. The situation will get worse much faster if we do nothing to change. Let’s not wait until islands disappear under the Sea. When it is so easy to contribute to a great project for the kids and the environment.


Get great service with fiverr gigs, you won’t be disappointed and you will be helping to spread the word about the importance of environmental protection with nicely written eBooks for the children .ebooks


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    I hang them on a 27 inch fine, gold aluminum neck chain. They sell for $25 each. They may be viewed at http://www.fini-us.pixels.com or http://www.fini.us my in my jewelry gallery there. Paypal payment link is, Paypal.me/finius if anyone is interested all proceeds go to fund my free groups for learning sewing ages 4 and up. At Yourangeltank.org

    GoFundMe.com/f/Yourangeltank.org I started learning to sew at 3 and a half years old. I had a life long career sewing and designing. Kids today need this.

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