When High Profits in the Fast Fashion Industry = Oppression and Devastation We should Make Plans to Change the Situation

Did you know what fast fashion is doing to the lives of some people and the environment?

It is increasing poverty and there is a high amount of suffering and discontentment

When workers live in a terrible way as land and water is destroyed

Chemicals cause skin diseases even when these people are unemployed

The models who are on the catwalk and the people who love to buy cheap clothes to wear and discard

Don’t seem to realise that they are causing the lives of poor people to be very hard

Modern slavery would never exist if more people would do research and decide to care

They would stop buying clothes until the treatment of the workers becomes fair

person covering a woman s eyes
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It is time for us to stop allowing them to cover our eyes so we can reduce the abuse

Now that we know that there are rich manufacturers who will always misuse

They don’t think about the damage they cause each and every day

They just live in luxury while the poor people suffer as they pay

body of water between mountains
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The dye from the fabric pollutes rivers and streams

And no one stops to wonder if workers had hopes and dreams

We can help our children to be aware of these atrocities so they will not repeat these bad practices in the future

Now that environmental protection awareness is like another great adventure

Coloring and activity
Now children won’t be bored

This colouring and activity book has simple questions, colouring pages and awesome illustrations too. Children will learn about protecting the environment while they have fun.. click here

dying river
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